Pasca A Project Targets 90 Per Cent Of Jobs For PNG Nationals

By: PNG Business News September 05, 2022

Photo credit: PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum - Stephen Quantrill

The Pasca A gas project's developer, Twinza, is prepared to collaborate with regional members of parliament to identify and reap the community advantages of the Pasca Development project.

Stephen Quantrill, the executive chairman of Twinza, stated as much at a briefing for the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum during the Members of Parliament Induction.

According to Mr. Quantrill, Twinza anticipates that the project would create 300 direct and indirect employment in PNG during construction and that this figure will rise to 500 once the facility is up and running.

He said that the business will aim to have PNG citizens fill 90% of these positions.

“Twinza will introduce training programs to give the maximum number of Papua New Guineans the opportunity to work on the project and its supporting industries,” he said.

Mr. Quantrill gave an update on the Pasca development, which, according to the business, could be operational and begin paying the government the planned K500 million in direct revenue annually by the conclusion of the current legislative session provided the required permissions are granted this year.

The project will open up the economic development of neighbouring found and potential resources, and it is anticipated to contribute more than K18 billion to Papua New Guinea's GDP throughout its lifetime.

The project sits 95 kilometres off the coast of Kerema in the Gulf of Papua, 93 metres below the surface of the ocean.

Mr. Quantrill stated that the project is prepared to go into FEED as soon as the gas deal is finalised, signed, and approved, which the business stated is set to happen this year.


Reference: Post-Courier (2 September 2022). “Pasca Project Targets 90 Per Cent Of Jobs For Nationals.”

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