PNG Business News - March 02, 2023

PNG Ports CEO: 100 Cruise Ships Coming to Papua New Guinea, a Great Opportunity for Tourism

Photo credit: PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Rodney Begley, the acting CEO of PNG Ports Corporation, has announced that Papua New Guinea will be receiving an exceptional number of cruise ships this year. Speaking at a business breakfast forum with the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Begley revealed that the country is expecting 100 cruise ships to visit, which is a significant number. The ships will primarily dock at three locations - Alotau, Conflict Island, and Rabaul. Mr Begley explained that his team had been working tirelessly to ensure that the country is prepared for the influx of tourists, especially with regards to Covid-19 protocols. "Two to three months ago, we flew down a small delegation to Australia and they worked through all the Covid protocols," he said. "It's an ongoing process, generally, large cruise ships come to anchor and leave." He also mentioned that PNG Ports does not invest directly in cruise ship terminals. However, they invest in facilities to ensure that the ships can dock safely at the ports. "It's exciting, 100 cruise ships, that's a lot of tourists spending money here in PNG," he said. Mr Begley emphasised the importance of everyone's responsibility in ensuring that the tourists have a safe and enjoyable experience in Papua New Guinea. "It's everyone's responsibility, the people on the streets selling goods, the police providing a safe environment for our tourists to enter the country," he said. Lastly, he mentioned that PNG Ports had been working closely with the tourism industry and the Department of Health to ensure that the cruise companies are complying with the health protocols to enter the country safely. "We have worked very closely with tourism, and we have worked with the Department of Health to ensure that they are working closely with the major cruise companies so that when passengers arrive, they are fully vaccinated and covered all the health protocols to enter the country safely," he said. In conclusion, Papua New Guinea is expecting an unprecedented number of cruise ships this year. PNG Ports Corporation, together with the tourism industry and the Department of Health, is working tirelessly to ensure that the country is prepared for the influx of tourists and that they have a safe and enjoyable experience. As Mr Begley puts it, "It's everyone's responsibility."


PNG Business News - March 01, 2023

Jelta Wong Highlights Importance of Cultural Preservation in PNG's Growing Tourism Industry

Photo credit: PNG Tourism Promotion Authority National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Jelta Wong, expressed his optimism regarding the future of tourism in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He believes that the country's tourism industry will experience significant changes within the next five years, particularly with the growth of the cruise ship sector. Wong noted that the cruise ship industry is the fastest-growing subsector of the tourism industry globally and a crucial export for over 80 percent of developing countries, particularly those in the Pacific region. Wong stated, "The Australian cruise market is one of the world’s fastest-growing cruise markets, frequently cruising the South Pacific, namely Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji. With this influx of mass tourism, smaller Pacific nations like Papua New Guinea experience some positive, high-value macroeconomic impacts." However, the growth of the cruise industry also poses significant concerns, particularly regarding the socio-economic impacts of over-tourism, population pollution, and passenger environmental footprints. Wong emphasized that the direct impacts of cruise tourism on cultural-based tourism and cultural integrity are primary concerns for grassroots people, especially in the Gazelle District, where he serves as the Member of Parliament. He stated, "The direct impacts on cultural-based tourism and cultural integrity are a primary concern for our grassroots people, especially in the Gazelle District. PNG’s people have solid cultures, customs, and traditional beliefs, and these are what we need to protect when we engage in cultural tourism." It is crucial to strike a balance between the growth of the tourism industry and preserving the country's cultural heritage and natural resources. Wong added, "PNG’s people have solid cultures, customs, and traditional beliefs, and these are what we need to protect when we engage in cultural tourism." Despite the potential negative impacts of the cruise industry, Wong acknowledged that cruise tourists visit PNG seeking authentic cultural exchanges, virgin environmental adventures, and remote island experiences. Most tourists engage in some form of community-based tourism during their PNG adventures. Wong stated, "Cruise tourists travel to PNG seeking reciprocal authentic cultural exchanges, virgin environmental adventures and remote picture-perfect island experiences. Most tourists are engaging in some form of community-based tourism when on their PNG adventures." It is essential to address the potential negative impacts of the cruise industry while promoting sustainable tourism that preserves PNG's cultural and environmental integrity. Wong's comments highlight the importance of striking a balance between economic growth and the preservation of PNG's cultural heritage and natural resources.


PNG Business News - February 14, 2023

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Commences Consultations on New National Tourism Policy, Marketing Strategy

Photo: 2023 Regional Tourism Consultation Workshop participants made up of the New Guinea Islands tourism industry and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.  The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) has commenced a series of regional consultations on the development of a new PNG National Tourism Policy and Marketing Strategy. The TPA, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI), will travel across PNG from 9-28 February 2023 to speak with tourism industry stakeholders as part of its National Tourism Policy 1995 review. The regional consultations will cover PNG’s four regions—New Guinea Islands (Kokopo), Momase (Madang), Highlands (Mt Hagen) and Southern (Port Moresby). The first consultations, held on 9-10 February in Kokopo, were attended by the region’s tourism industry stakeholders, operators, guides, event organizers and provincial tourism offices. Attendees discussed PNG tourism policy reform issues, priorities, and options; the policy development process; future opportunities for New Guinea Islands’ tourism industry; and the role of the TPA in enabling, marketing, and coordinating the tourism sector.  PNG TPA Chief Executive Officer Eric Mossman Uvovo said consultations on the new National Tourism Policy and Marketing Strategy were critical, and would inform subsequent legislative amendments to the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Act 1993. “Since the establishment of PNG’s National Tourism Policy 1995 and Destination Marketing Strategy 2018-2022, a lot has changed,” Mr. Mossman Uvovo said. “The tourism industry is primarily driven by the private sector, so these consultations are important to ensure the new policy helps PNG to develop tourism sustainably, maximise its resources, and position itself as a potential lead Pacific tourism destination.” Alongside these private sector consultations, PSDI held interviews with multiple PNG government departments and agencies to gauge views on the policy and potential avenues of reform. PSDI is an ADB technical assistance program undertaken in partnership with the Governments of Australia and New Zealand. PSDI supports ADB's 14 Pacific developing member countries to improve the enabling environment for business and to achieve inclusive, private sector-led economic growth. It is supporting the TPA to rebuild the PNG tourism sector following COVID-19, and to undertake longer-term tourism sustainability and resilience planning. The new PNG National Tourism Policy is scheduled for completion by April 2023. The PNG TPA is a statutory body funded by the Government of PNG. The ultimate goal of the TPA is to market and promote PNG to the world as a desirable travel destination.    Article courtesy of PNG Tourism Promotion Authority 


PNG Business News - February 05, 2023

PNG Tourism Promotions Authority (TPA) and Bougainville TPA signs MOU

The Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry reached another milestone recently when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Tourism and Promotions Authority (TPA). The MOU paves the way forward for both parties to continue bilateral partnership based on the understanding of tourism and promotions in Bougainville. The MOU was signed by the PNG TPA and the ABG Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry on the understanding relating to a joint partnership for the protection and preservation of tangible and intangible culture, development and promotion of tourism, contemporary culture and the arts and sustainable tourism in the autonomous region of Bougainville. ABG Vice President and Minister for Commerce Trade and Industry, Hon. Patrick Nisira (MHR) acknowledged the PNGTPA for its tremendous support so far since the first MoU was signed in 2016. The support has cemented many agreements already signed and has proven that Bougainville is truly a tourism destination that is worth investing time and money on. Mr. Nisira acknowledged the PNG TPA officers for their continuous negotiation with the Bougainville partners in pushing for significant income generating programmes to proceed in the region. “Standing here today it gives me great pleasure to witness and participate in this significant event that will go down in history books of this nation to be. We are here today to mark this important event on the signing of the MOU between my ministry and the department of national government and PNG Tourism Promotions Authority (PNG TPA).” This agreement adds value to our collective vision, ideas and consultations that the local tourism and cultural practitioners in both government and private sectors, he said. “As a way forward the agreement presents a realistic and workable approach to tourism development and its sustainability in the region.” “The MOU also sets out a framework for future development for tourism emphasizing on effective and determined and holistic approaches.” He said that the agreement generally outlines the pros and cons of tourism development in Bougainville and the framework and strategy of reaching the targeted goals and vision earmarked to reaching the overarching goals of economic building and development.         Deputy Chief Secretary for Operations Anthony Koiri approved and signed the MOU on behalf of the Bougainville Public Service Chief Secretary who is on sick leave at the moment. The signing was witnessed by the staff of the PNG Tourism Promotions Authority (PNGTPA), Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry, senior officers and a small crowd at the Bel Isi park.


PNG Business News - December 13, 2022

Launch of Tourism Sector Development Plan 2022-2026

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority hosted its first Implementation Steering Committee Meeting for the recently launched Tourism Sector Development Plan 2022-2026 on the 29th June 2022, at the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby. The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, chaired the inaugural meeting in the presence of 16 organisation representatives to deliberate on the purpose, functions and reporting mechanisms of the TSDP-ISC. The Implementation Steering Committee (ISC) is the highest working committee that is designed to coordinate all tourism related agendas pursued under the various sub working committees that exist within the sector for national prioritization and development in Papua New Guinea. The CEO provided his welcome remarks and invited organisations to become members of the ISC to help contribute to the implementation of the TSDP and to grow the industry in the next five years amidst the global pandemic. Some of the work that will need to be done under the ISC include; The development of a National Tourism Standards and Regulatory Framework The proper design of a pricing strategy for Tourism The review of the cost of travel in the country The active participation of land owners for tourism sites and attractions Tourism Taxation Incentives Access to finance for Tourism related purposes of development Youth empowerment through tourism initiatives International marketing re-strategizing for PNG Tourism PNGTPA Brand awareness in country and abroad Utilization of airline general sales agents overseas Strong partnership with PNG Kundu offices for destination and investment awareness Strong tourism investment incentives and so forth. Mr. Uvovo further stated that through collaboration at the TSDP-ISC level, this will enable PNGTPA as the lead sector agency to steer the development of the national tourism industry products and services to a level that is globally and regionally competitive. The ISC plans to meet quarterly and envisions more organisations to join in the membership to provide sound advice and judgement for all tourism related matters that are escalated at the high level. All provincial governments have been urged by the CEO to take ownership of the new tourism plan by participating in the ISC in order to ensure that the national plan cascades down to the provincial level through the setup of provincial ISCs as well. The Provincial-ISCs will be utilised to inform the national TSDP ISC as a reporting mechanism for all tourism initiatives and issues encountered in the provinces. The CEO also stated that stakeholder partnerships with the private sector will also be prioritised to ensure that plan achieves its full potential. PNGTPA has extended invitation to all other government agencies and private sector stakeholders who would like to be a part of the committee to express their interests to the PNGTPA Division of Policy and Planning for consideration and partnership. 


PNG Business News - December 08, 2022

NCC, ABG Ink Tourism Agreement

Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Isi Henry Leonard claims that the National Cultural Commission (NCC) cannot reasonably promote Papua New Guinea's tourism industry. “We have to work in partnership with provincial governments at the national level to develop the industry,” he added. Leonard stated that the government was, therefore, signing MOU with various provincial governments to partner in tourism-culture based promotions at the national level while speaking at the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the NCC and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville Government (ABG). “We need partners and stakeholders to work in partnership to preserve, safeguard, protect, develop and promote our cultural heritage,” he said. The MOU that was signed between the ABG and NCC, according to Leonard, would guarantee that Bougainville assumed ownership of the arts, cultures, cultural institutions, assets, buildings, places, cultural programmes, and events that were held in the area. “Tourism is the second highest and growing industry with an annual net worth of K500 billion across the world, and that the country can benefit from a slice of that K500 billion,” he added. According to Leonard, Bougainville is well-positioned along the routes taken by cruise ships and would be a popular tourist destination. Additionally, he said that Bougainville's World War II remnants had elevated the independent zone and would be crucial to drawing tourists. “That is a bonus to what you already have in-terms of your traditional culture to showcase,” he said. “I believe the war relics, such as the site where Japanese army general Yamamoto was said to have crashed could be turned into a tourist site, likewise many other areas across Bougainville.”   Reference: The National (6 December 2022). “NCC, ABG ink tourism agreement”.


PNG Business News - November 11, 2022


Photo credit: Tourism Promotion Authority Papua New Guinea officially opened its borders to international visitors on the 1st July 2022, and visitor arrivals from January to August 2022 show that the country has received 37,537 visitors – 2,182 of these visitors were here on holiday.  Obtaining a tourist visa remains a challenge for bona fide tourists as the 60-day tourist visa on arrival is no longer available.  The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) will be working closely with the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority to reinstate the tourist visa-on-arrival facility to encourage international travellers to visit Papua New Guinea.  Meanwhile, tour operators and agents must continue to comply with PNGICA requirements and apply online for their client’s tourist visas using the Immigration Authority’s website portal.  All COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted by the Government since 5th October 2022, the most recent being the vaccine test entry requirement for travelers, and the wearing of masks inside airports. PNGTPA is aware that COVID-19 has become endemic – meaning the world is learning to live with the disease.  Therefore, through the Safe Traveller PNG awareness program, the PNGTPA continues to advocate for the health and safety of the members of PNG’s tourism industry and visitors in the country.  Industry members volunteer to participate in the program by undergoing training, and are then certified and promoted through the PNGTPA website as a Safe Traveller PNG business that is equipped to provide a safe and healthy environment for their guests and clients.  Since the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions across the country, tourism in the country is slowly being revitalized, especially with the return of iconic national events like the Hagen Show, Frangipani Festival, Goroka Show and the recent Morobe Show in Lae.  These events have not only brought back international travellers to the country, but refocused a great deal of marketing and promotions towards PNG’s domestic market. For Morobe Tourism in particular, especially the recent 59th Morobe Show, hundreds and thousands of people attended the two-day event hosted at the Lae Showgrounds.  Papua New Guinean show-goers came from the Highlands region, as well as from the Madang and Northern Provinces to attend, what is now becoming the nation’s biggest show with a strong focus on agritourism.   Morobe Show is one of the most well-run, self-sustaining events in Papua New Guinea, hosted by the Morobe Agricultural Society – a successful case study for all events and festivals in Papua New Guinea.  Despite the Morobe Show’s success, there are many challenges ahead for tourism in the Morobe Province.  Developments of attractions and products in Lae and the wider and remote Morobe Province are key areas the PNGTPA wish to assist the province with.  However, the issue of a functioning provincial tourism office is vital in the bridging this assistance at a national level for tourism development in Morobe. The PNGTPA will be revisiting an MOU signed in 2018 by the Morobe Provincial Government and the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture.   In March this year, PNGTPA visited the districts of Nawae and Finschaffen to meet tourism product owners and service providers.  The team also carried out marketing awareness and delivered guest lectures to the students of the Poly Technical College in Lae.  PNGTPA continues to market and promote Morobe as a travel destination in Papua New Guinea through its website:, particularly events like the Morobe Show, accommodation providers in Lae, as well as local tour operators like LaeAbout Tours and Fuzzy Wuzzy Expeditions.  Morobe Attractions will be a significant part of PNGTPA’s online marketing and promotions next year, working with the Morobe Provincial Government will be a vital and necessary step in showcasing the best of one of PNG’s most vibrant industrial hubs.    Article courtesy of Tourism Promotion Authority


Paul Oeka - October 17, 2022


Photo: Isi Henry Leonard Tourism, Art and Culture Minister, Isi Henry Leonard has urged that Papua New Guinea must promote domestic tourism as a pathway forward in order to preserve, safeguard and promote the country’s culture. “I wanted to see a simple tourism industry that is more people oriented,” he said. The minister stated this to participating students at the 16th University of Papua New Guinea Tourism Seminar at the main campus of the university during the seminar. This was one of the main and important agendas that the Minister has been in pursuance of since taking office as the Minister appointed and responsible for Tourism, Art and Culture in 2020. Minister Leonard said that it was important that PNG promote domestic tourism by reviving, harnessing and encouraging national cultural festivals nationwide. He further reiterated that “We are here at this seminar also to promote and help support our students who are keen in participating immensely to the promotion of domestic tourism”. He added that PNG is vulnerable to Law and Order issues including global pandemics such as Covid-19 and for PNG to remain optimistic in witnessing great participation from effective international tourism opportunities remains unfriendly. Minister Leonard said, “We have to cultivate our own traditional cultures and promote domestic tourism as much as possible because the domestic tourism sector remains a sleeping giant”. He further stated that the National Cultural Commission (NCC) is now being reshaped and with the commission’s newly launched Tourism Plan 2022-2026, the agenda of promoting domestic tourism remains a major priority of the industry. The provincial Governments must now partner with the NCC to revive and harness cultural festivals. Minister Leonard also stressed that Enga and Milne Bay Provinces have already partnered with the commission and are doing well in organizing cultural festivals to promote domestic tourism. The 16th University of Papua New Guinea Tourism Seminar was sponsored by the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) and organized by 3rd year Tourism and Hospitality Management undergraduate and professional studies students. He addressed the seminar that Papua New Guineans must be given the opportunity to participate and take ownership of their cultural heritage.


PNG Business News - October 17, 2022

Tourist Information Booth Opens at Jacksons International Airport

Photo: Official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the reopening of the Tourist Information Centre The Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA), just like all National Tourism Offices around the world, is welcoming travellers back to Papua New Guinea with the reopening of the Tourist Information Centre at the Jackson's International Airport in Port Moresby, Friday 14th October, 2022.  The reopening of the Tourist Information Centre at Jackson's International Airport was officially opened by CEO of the PNGTPA Eric Mossman Uvovo and CEO of the National Airport Corporation Rex Kiponge.  The Centre, will be open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm, and will serve as an information hub for all tourism enquiries at Jackson's. There will be two friendly PNGTPA information officers who will be working full time at the Centre to assist enquirers.  The Centre is in an ideal location where visitors at the Jacksons International Airport can easily walk over to the Tourist Information Centre to get information regarding travel and tourism, especially accommodation, tours, hire car, events and attractions in Papua New Guinea.  The Tourist Information Centre was operational in 2019, however closed its doors when the COVID -19 Pandemic affected travel globally. In early 2021, the PNGTPA renovated the Tourist Information Centre, but handed it over to the Health Department and TrackPro to conduct PCR Testing for arriving passengers. The Centre was vacated early this year, allowing the PNGTPA and NAC to carry out further maintenance and renovation.  The PNGTPA is thankful to the National Airports Corporation for the enduring partnership over the last couple of years in helping promote tourism in the country. The PNGTPA and NAC will be signing an MOU to set up similar Tourist Information Centres in other airports across Papua New Guinea.   Article courtesy of PNGTPA


PNG Business News - October 10, 2022

Cruise Tourism Returns to Papua New Guinea

Photo: (L-R) Deputy Controller National Pandemic Response Dr. Daoni Esorom, Minister for Tourism Arts & Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, PNGTPA CEO Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo. Credit: PNGTPA Tourism Promotion Authority has announced the re-opening of Cruise Tourism into the country. Chief executive officer Eric Mossman Uvovo said that the cruise tourism sector before COVID-19 contributed US$20 million (K70.4 million) to the economy. Following the loosening of travel restrictions in PNG for commercial vessels, he said one of their main agenda items for the year was cruise tourism. “Cruise tourism as we know it today can be traced back to the beginning of the 1960s coinciding with the decline of transoceanic ship travel and introduction of the first nonstop air travel between USA and Europe,” Mr. Uvovo said. “This is according to its history, however, PNG cruise tourism is an essential part of our tourism program where visitors from all over the world can come and cruise around our beautiful islands and enjoy the breathtaking scenarios, including our blue seas, the lagoons, river ways, reef and many other beautiful sites we have across our islands.” As of August 4, 2022, the controller published new measures, and those measures call for the ports to be opened, which will now enable commercial ships, commerce, and most crucially cruise ships to enter the nation, according to Deputy Controller National Pandemic Response Dr. Daoni Esorom. He claimed that because most ports and borders were closed during the epidemic, residents had a difficult time. Now that the ports have reopened, he claimed that many people will profit from the companies that cruise ships offer when they arrive at ports. Cruise tourism is a significant economic driver, thus Isi Henry Leonard, minister of tourism, arts, and culture, is glad that the ports are now reopening to welcome cruise ships back into the nation.   Reference: Kamus, Maxine. Post-Courier (6 October 2022). “TPA Announces Re-Opening Of Cruise Tourism Sector”.


PNG Business News - August 29, 2022

Tourism Authority Encourages Travellers To Visit PNG

Photo credit: PNG Tourism Promotion Authority The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is still encouraging travellers from all around the world to come to PNG. This was made known at the beginning of this month at the week-long roadshow, The Treasures of the Pacific, a tourism-focused event held in many Australian cities, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. Alice Kuaningi, the marketing director for TPA in PNG, and Simon Dari Pih, the marketing officer, participated in the roadshow, which began in Brisbane and finished in Sydney a fortnight ago. Richard Skewes, the host event organiser, was pleased with how PNG was represented at the occasion and said that it was nice to see PNG participating in the road show with other Pacific Nations. “This is the first time in two years to showcase in person all of the South Pacific Products and its treasurers and is possibly be the first time in a long time PNG actually came out with its representatives unlike others which is wonderful,” Mr Skewes said. According to him, this is a yearly event that aims to enlighten and educate travel agents on travel and tourism in other nations. “More importantly to tell the people around the world that the Pacific Island countries are now open to receive tourists and people alike that needed time and break away from all that is happening around them,” Ms said. Travel brokers were told by Ms Kuaningi that PNG is a fascinating nation that may make a vacation trip unforgettable. “It was short timing to show and tell the World about our beautiful country but they were all impressed,” Ms Kuaninigi said. “Our primary objective is to come out here and inform our partners that our borders have opened up, we are now ready to receive tourists again.” Mr Skewes said: “It is important to start conversing with the travel trade partners and convince them that PNG is ready to receive tourists after the long delay caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions. “Our tourism operators, hotels and airlines depend on business and leisure travellers to keep their business operating.”   Reference: Teme, Kevin. Post-Courier (August 25, 2022). “PNG Attends South Pacific Roadshow”.


PNG Business News - August 04, 2022

Tourism Boosts Pacific Economic Outlook, but COVID-19, Rising Prices Pose Risks

Photo credit: ADB A revival in tourism is expected to boost economic growth in the Pacific in 2022 and 2023, but the COVID-19 pandemic, rising commodity prices, and climate change continue to pose risks, according to the Asian Development Bank. After an average economic contraction of 0.6% in 2021, ADB’s Pacific Economic Monitor (PEM), released today, says the Pacific is expected to grow by 4.7% this year and 5.4% next year. The turnaround reflects rising visitor arrivals in the tourism-dependent economies of the Cook Islands, Fiji, and Palau, as well as expectations for Papua New Guinea’s minerals sector to benefit from the higher international commodity prices being driven by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But the PEM says the Russia–Ukraine war also poses a risk to the subregion through rising import and transport costs, accelerating inflation, and increasing trade and fiscal deficits across the Pacific. Other risks to the Pacific’s recovery include community transmission of COVID-19 and some challenges in vaccine rollouts, as well as the region’s vulnerability to climate change and disasters. “This outlook for the Pacific is welcome after more than 2 years of negative growth caused by COVID-19, but significant risks to this recovery remain,” said ADB Director General for the Pacific Leah Gutierrez. “It is vital that development partners, stakeholders, and policy makers work closely together to ensure the continued recovery.” The latest PEM forecast represents an improvement on that seen in the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2022 released in April, which projected the Pacific’s economic growth to be 3.9% in 2022. The PEM identifies Pacific economies as among the most vulnerable in the world to climate change and disasters, and that the impact of these shocks—compounded by the fallout from COVID-19 and commodity price spikes—has been sizable. Ensuring sustainable growth will hinge on investing in climate and disaster resilience, the cost of which can exceed the governments’ own resources. The policy briefs in this issue of the PEM examine how the Pacific is pursuing climate financing from innovative sources, and how ADB is helping to respond to climate change and better manage disaster risk. Continuing efforts to strengthen public financial management will support fiscal sustainability, restore resource buffers, and re-establish a strong foundation for the next potential crisis. The PEM also examines a wide range of issues affecting Pacific economies, including: The role of climate finance in sustaining Fiji’s recovery amid rising inflation The North Pacific’s preparedness for sustainable investing Climate finance and water security in Kiribati and Tuvalu Climate adaptation and budgeting amid volatile revenue in Nauru Fiscal challenges of climate financing in Papua New Guinea Promoting climate and fiscal resiliency in Solomon Islands Counting the costs and preparing for the future of South Pacific economies The challenge of financing a climate emergency in Vanuatu ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region.   Article courtesy of the ADB


PNG Business News - July 24, 2022


Photo credit: Post Courier  Tourism Promotion Authority will invest a capital of K1 million into creating package tours to boost domestic tourism in the country. A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for a Travel Subsidy Partnership between Air Niugini Limited and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) has been signed. TPA Chief Executive Officer Eric Uvovo stated that TPA is now looking at a mechanism to subsidise travel for package tours in order to promote domestic tourism in collaboration with the airline companies, particularly Air Niugini and PNG Air Limited. According to him, K1 million must be committed initially in order to create package tours, and TPA is considering frontloading K500,000 to Air Niugini for the package tours. “This is a partnership aimed at encouraging domestic tourism and bringing back tourism in Papua New Guinea post-COVID. “We want to help stimulate the industry and going forward, this is one way we believe will go a long way in assisting the tourism industry in the country,” he said. Paul Abbot, general manager of commercial operations for Air Niugini, claimed that nobody in the business, particularly those working in the airline, ground transportation, and hotel industries, benefited from the last two years. “It is important to put together programs like this which will drive benefit back into the local community and tourism industry. “Our objective is to make domestic tourism package products a lot more accessible to a lot people whether they are international coming inbound or more importantly domestic people looking at exploring the country,” he said. The packages will have the fundamental package structure, according to Mr. Abbot. He stated that the subsidy will be used to actually subsidise the packages so that the ground operators continue to receive their fair share of revenue in order to ensure that people on the ground are supported, whether it be through the use of hotels or rental cars. The subsidy will be deducted from the price of the package by K500 per person.   Reference: Kamus, Maxine. Post-Courier (22 July 2022). “TPA Invests K1 Million To Boost Domestic Tourism”.


PNG Business News - June 27, 2022

Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby exhibits, Papua New Guinean artist ‘Grim Jordan’ Paintings and opens, The Wantok Shop

Photo: The Wantok Shop - Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby The ‘Grim Jordan’ paintings on exhibition at the Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby, are on display both within the hotel and at the Port Terrace Restaurant & Bar. The unique art pieces showcase a mixture of local traditional culture intrinsically woven into a contemporary and quite detailed impression of various characters. There are five pieces on display, and they vary in size from 60cm (w) x 120cm (h) to 100cm (w) x 150cm (h). Each painting has a unique tale based on the personal experiences and memories of the artist Jordan Morris’ life in Papua New Guinea. General Manager, Kahlia O’Shea said, “We are thrilled to provide a platform for young Papua New Guinean talent to showcase artwork. Our surrounds make a great backdrop for Jordan’s beautiful art.” The Crowne Plaza brand entails provision for an offering outside the traditional hotel experience. The paintings will exhibit at Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby for 12 months, interested buyers can view the pieces and collect the painter’s contact details at the Port Terrace Restaurant & Bar. In addition, the hotel has also recently opened its very own convenience store, The Wantok Shop. Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby staff submitted ideas for names and a vote was cast. When asked about the name, General Manager, Kahlia O’Shea said, “The Wantok Shop is quite fitting as it caters to tenants and guests within the compound and surrounding area. It’s a nod to the reciprocal relationship of favours between kin and community members.” The convenience store is open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm and offers groceries, hot food and convenience items for guests checking in for business. The hotel is looking at sourcing products that are difficult to find in Papua New Guinea and will post updates on their social media accounts as they stock items.   Article courtesy of Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby


PNG Business News - June 27, 2022

Domestic Tourism Expected to Increase in Coming Months

The rise of flights into particular provinces and the influx of people into the province are projected to boost domestic tourism in the coming months. According to Eric Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), Domestic travel, he said, is projected to see a significant spike in domestic tourism now that the National General Elections have begun. Mr. Uvovo explained that this will result in a direct infusion of kina into the purses of individuals working in the service industry, such as taxis, hotels, lodges, restaurants, street markets, and arts and crafts. “Some of PNG TPA’s plans include product enhancement and quality which we will focus more on Kokoda. “PNG TPA will step up efforts on advertising and promotions of tours and travel packages and our first Travel and Tourism Magazine will be published in July,” Mr. Uvovo said. He stated that the TPA's focus is now on aggressively promoting the established travel packages now offered by PNG Air and that their communication is going well, with the addition of Air Niugini Limited as a partner with the PNG TPA and Tourism Operators. “Interested tourism industry members will be invited to partner with TPA to develop tour and travel packages as well to boost the domestic tourism industry.”   Reference: Kamus, Maxine. Post-Courier (21 June 2022). “Domestic Tourism Expected To Increase”. 

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