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Current Issue

Issue 4

In this issue of PNG Business News, resources expert Roger Avinaga takes a deeper look into how COVID-19 has impacted the Papua New Guinea mining sector and economy. He gives us an overview of the country's existing mines, the situation with developing or emerging mines, and how the government can leverage these projects to shore up the country's economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. As of press time, Prime Minister James Marape is facing a formidable challenge from the opposition and his predecessor, Peter O’Neill, to step down and hand the government over before the end of the year. Our article on this discusses how Marape is taking on opposition leader Belden Namah and other MPs who want to end the PM’s term after just 18 months. Finally, our cover story relates to how Swire Shipping is enhancing both its North Asia Express (NAX) and Southeast Asia (SEA) services to bring increased connectivity between Asia and PNG to benefit local businesses and the community. 

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