PM Marape Urges Foreign Investors to Comply with Mining & Petroleum Laws

By: PNG Business News February 16, 2023

Photo credit: Twinza Oil

Regulatory issues between the Government and Twinza Oil Ltd. need to be addressed before discussions on the Pasca A project in Gulf recommence, Prime Minister James Marape said.

In a press conference, Marape stated that Papua New Guinea is governed by the Constitution, and there are laws that regulate the mining and exploration activities.

The Prime Minister highlighted this in reminding foreign investors to comply with all the necessary mining and petroleum requirements.

Marape made the statement when referring to the status of the Pasca A project in Gulf, after regulatory issues emerged between Twinza Oil Ltd and the State. He said some of the requirements for the exploration and mining licenses were not met by the investor to allow it to proceed with the project.

“I just want to encourage all our foreign investors in our country, that we don’t run a banana republic, we have due processes in our country, and you have to comply with all requirements of law in our country,” he said.

“If you acquire an exploration license then you have to deliver to the intent of that license. You have a retention license in the petroleum space, then you have to deliver to the conditions of that retention license,” the Prime Minister said.

“When you are applying for development license and you’re in the APDL (application development licence) stage then you must comply with the rules and requirements of the process.”

Marape said the Department of Petroleum has done its part towards the Pasca issue, meaning that now it only needs a review by the national government.

“The Twinza and the Pasca project is a small low-hanging project within reach. The petroleum department have done their bit with the issues that have been outstanding, and now the project partner has given his view, which will be subject to a review,” he said.

The Prime Minister said his government wants to tick off Porgera, Papua LNG, P’nyang and Pasca LNG projects, including the Wafi-Golpu projects, soon.

Mr. Marape was not able to provide the actual commencement dates but is determined to provide a firm statement on these proposed multibillion-kina projects five months from now.

Twinza’s Country Manager, Roppe Uyassi, said the company was ready to have the Pasca gas project in progress and was awaiting reengagement with the Government through the state negotiation team.

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