NASFUND Releases Audited 2020 Results

by PNG Business News - March 23, 2021

The National Superannuation Fund Limited (Nasfund) is delighted to release its full-year 2020 findings.

The audited results for the year ended December 31, 2020, as reviewed by the Board at its meeting, included a Net Profit of K222.9 million and a Net Asset Value of K5.57 billion.

Following these findings, the Nasfund Board of Directors approved a 4.5 per cent interest-crediting rate for the 2020 Financial Year, amounting to over K235 million, which has already been credited to members' accounts.

On behalf of the Board, Chairman Charles Vee indicated that the findings reflected the Fund's most difficult year to date, especially in light of the weakened economy and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In response to these headwinds, I am pleased that the Fund has demonstrated once again strong resilience and exceeded its budgeted cash profit after tax of K266 million by K15 million due to tight control on operating expenses and lower tax costs,” he said. “The pandemic and other external factors beyond our control adversely impacted the economy which resulted in valuation losses of K155 million across our property and equities investments, including K38 million in additional provisions to comply with international accounting standards (IFRS 9), which was partially offset by foreign exchange gain of K97 million due to the Kina depreciating against other currencies. This resulted in an overall net valuation loss of K58 million which represents an additional 1.10 per cent crediting rate, members have missed out on. While the crediting rate of 4.5% has been achieved for our members, we remind members again of the benefit of locking away savings over a long period.  The value of a member’s savings grows significantly through the effect of compound interest and additional contributions. I am pleased to inform our members that we continue to meet our investment target of achieving returns above CPI over a rolling five year period which on average is 5.7 per cent compared to CPI average of 5.4 per cent over the same time. Additionally, over the last five years, Nasfund has paid over K1.27 billion in interest to members and paid out K2.18 billion in superannuation entitlements to its members. We remind members that your long term Nasfund savings does have its benefits to ensure a comfortable retirement after active employment.”

Other highlights for 2020 include:

  • Contribution receipts increased by 2%, totalling K575 million.
  • The membership base has grown by 3% to 604,587 contributors.
  • The number of employers has increased by 7% to 2,576.
  • Superannuation withdrawals increased by 22% to K469 million, compared to K384 million in the budget.
  • The launch of a new logo.
  • The opening of a new Member Services Center in Waigani, NCD, with plans to expand to Lae.
  • Hagen and Goroka headquarters are being refurbished.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Provincial Government of East Sepik to provide superannuation services to cocoa and vanilla farmers.
  • The third Employer Awards Evening was a huge success.

“In 2021, we are continuing our focus on enhancing our member services, including housing developments while actively seeking to grow our membership and new investment opportunities,” Vee said. “I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our CEO Ian Tarutia, the management team and staff for their hard work and support in delivering commendable results in 2020.”

CEO Ian Tarutia said, “During this period of uncertainty, a lot of our employers had to take drastic action to keep afloat. Labour shedding and workforce rationalizing were initiatives taken by employers to remain operational during the COVID State of Emergency imposed last year. Additionally, fall in Oil Prices and the closure of Porgera Mine impacted companies like Oilsearch and Barrick Joint Venture and resulted in a large number of employees being laid off. As a consequence, while this placed pressure on our member services due to the increased volume of applications and enquiries, I am pleased to inform you that we paid all clean applications as and when they became due. On this note I commend our staff for their professionalism and empathy to meet member demands, during these trying times. I also acknowledge those members opting to not withdraw all their savings, managing themselves through other means and retaining a portion for their future benefit.”  

Tarutia also warned that, while withdrawals in 2020 were well managed, if Porgera is not opened in the near future and other major resource projects are not launched to stimulate the economy, more job losses will occur, and we may see a surge in withdrawals this year that exceeds what we paid in 2020.

He added, “COVID-19 prevention and containment requires distancing from one another. This is a problem for our members as a majority do not have their own homes and live with extended family. Secondly, we are already experiencing the inadequacies of our current health system, as COVID-19 transmission rates escalate throughout the country. We already know how to grow members wealth, we have been doing this successfully since 2000 through late Sir Mekere’s superannuation reforms. Now it is timely to look at how we can assist members with quality homes they can afford. Not just release some of their retirement savings for housing, but provide a whole house, land package. The target audience will be first home buyers only. We should also be looking at investments in the health sector to look after members and their families when they are ill. A lot of our members are dying from preventable diseases. What is the point of saving for retirement when their health cannot be looked after?” 

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PNG Business News - June 08, 2022


Photo: Nasfund GM MES - Anne Wilson The National Superannuation Fund, Nasfund, is encouraging its members to utilize all Fund touch points, for all their superannuation queries. These touch points are 17 branch offices around the country, an online member portal and a dedicated call center on phone 1588 that allows convenient access of their choosing. Especially during this busy election period, the Fund notes that there may be disruptions to its operations, especially in areas where there are security issues. Nasfund General Manager Member & Employer Services Services Anne Wilson is encouraging all members to access these services at their convenience-without the need to fly to Port Moresby. “In 2022, collectively our branch network has served a total of 125,000 members. The majority of these members have been served at our Boroko service centre in NCD, and our Lae Service Centre in Morobe Province. Of these 125,000 members served, just under 30% are members who are requesting for a Nasfund balance statement. 19% are members who are after general enquiries, and 15% are members following-up on their withdrawal applications. Much of the information requested by members can be sourced via our electronic channels. Our electronic channels have been established to make it easier for members to access our services without the need to spend time and money travelling to visit a Nasfund branch office. To assist members access our services without physically visiting a Nasfund branch, the following channels should be utilised;  The Fund’s Call Centre on Phone 1588, email  The Member Online Portal (MOL) on the Fund’s website ,  The Fund’s electronic withdrawal application service , and  The Fund’s social media pages; o Facebook: www.facebook.cp,/nasfundPNG / LinkedIn: / Twitter: @nasfund_png / Instagram: @nasfund_png As the country’s largest superannuation provider by membership size, we are providing the platforms for our contributing employers to access superannuation services easily. Our Call Centre and helpdesk operates 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12midday Saturday to attend to member queries. The MOL is our way of ensuring that members take ownership of ensuring that their personal details, and beneficiary listings, are updated regularly. Members can also view their housing advance eligibility, and keep track of their contributions via the MOL Our e-withdrawal option, introduced in 2020, allows members to send their withdrawal application via email, without having to physically lodge their application at a Nasfund branch. Our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) also provide an added avenue for members to interact with our staff on a daily basis. Members can interact with our staff via their social media accounts. We are committed to these options, so that our members can access our services from the safety and comfort from wherever they are. We are here to assist you while you work, so that you are ready for retirement.”


PNG Business News - August 08, 2022

CEO Tarutia to Retire in 2023

Photo credit: Nasfund - Ian Tarutia As the long-serving CEO of the fund, Ian Tarutia, CEO of Nasfund, will step down on March 31, 2023. Mr Tarutia has informed the board of his desire to retire at the end of March 2023, according to chairman Charles Vee's announcement. He said that the board appreciates his choice and has begun the search for a suitable replacement. “Ian has served the fund, Nasfund its predecessor NPF and the fund members over the last 35 years with distinction and his departure will be a big loss for the organisation. “He has led the fund as CEO since November 2011 and presided over a period of sustained profitability, membership growth, balance sheet growth and improved member servicing over his watch. He has built a strong leadership team and pleasingly most are all competent Papua New Guineans. The board is comforted that the business of the fund and service to members will continue while a new CEO is recruited and appointed,” Mr Vee said. In the first quarter of 2023, he will say his final goodbyes formally. Mr Tarutia declared that he is confident in his choice to leave the fund at the beginning of 2023. “I have served Nasfund and its predecessor National Provident Fund (NPF) for almost 35 years. Out of this, I have served 15 years at the CEO level. “As my first employer straight from university, the fund has been a significant part of my adult and professional life. “I have seen the fund from its lowest time as an organisation on the brink of extinction to its peak of distinction as a leading superannuation and financial institution in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific today,” Mr Tarutia said. He said that via better governance, an emphasis on customer service, innovative products, higher retirement savings, and return on investments, members had greatly benefited from the fund's revival. “More importantly, the fund today is staffed by well-qualified, competent and dedicated Papua New Guineans who are as passionate as I am in serving members to the best of our ability. I am privileged and honoured to have played a role in the consolidation, rebuild and transformation phase of the fund to where it is today. “But the time has come to pass the baton to someone else to take the reins,” he said. “I am keen to pursue other personal interests and endeavours and look forward to the next phase of life. “The board has commenced a recruitment process to find my replacement, I will assist with the transition to ensure stability and continuity.” Mr. Tarutia stated that in the interim, he is still committed to seeing that the fund achieves its goals for the year and continues to produce gains for its members.   Reference: Post-Courier (2 August 2022). “Tarutia To Retre In 2023”. 

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PNG Business News - August 12, 2022

Going Green: FAO-led EU-STREIT PNG Programme provides green-powered facility to local agricultural authorities to effectively service rural farmers

EU Funded UN Joint STREIT Programme in Papua New Guinea establishes a renewable energy-powered facility to support local government authorities in East Sepik Province, in delivering effective services to rural farmers and entrepreneurs.  With generous support of the European Union, the FAO-led EU STREIT Programme officially opened a new 3 cluster office building on 10 August 2022, to host the Programme along with the East Sepik provincial divisions of Agriculture and Livestock, Cocoa Board and the National Agriculture Quarantine & Inspection Authority. The new-look office building is powered by 189 solar panels, which significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the collective dependence on fossil fuel. The solar panels supply the building with 90 KW of energy, relieving the resident agencies and authorities from relying on fossil-generated electricity for their needs, including lighting, ICT, water pumping, and temperature control. This zero-carbon-emission facility has the capacity to accommodate around 90 experts, technicians and extension service officers. Equipped with 120 batteries, the building can support staff’s operation for 36 hours in case of experiencing high cloud cover. The building, currently co-resided by the Programme and provincial agricultural bodies, will be transferred over to the East Sepik Provincial Administration at the end of the Programme and will continue to provide a sustainable base for sustainable support to agriculture-related services in the Province. Officiating the opening ceremony, His Excellency Ambassador Jernej Videtič, Head of the European Union Delegation to PNG, in his address, said: “I am happy to be here and to see that things are moving in the right direction to bring sustainable benefits to the people of East Sepik” Ambassador Videtič further highlighted that “with resources from the citizens of Europe to fund the EU-STREIT Programme in providing training, tools and support, the quantity and quality of cocoa, vanilla and fisheries products will increase. The objective is also to protect these quality products in international markets under the EU-STREIT introduced initiative of Geographical Indication.” The East Sepik Acting Deputy Provincial Administrator, Mr James Baloiloi, in his speech expressed his appreciation to the EU for funding the EU-STREIT Programme and the interventions that the Programme is doing in East Sepik and Sandaun provinces. “The STREIT Programme has gone ahead to introduce a culture of agribusiness that now enables the people of this Province and the people of Sandaun Province to have cash income that can sustain their livelihoods.” Mr Baloiloi added, “this infrastructure and building supports us and facilitates the service delivery to our people in this Province as well as Sandaun Province.”  Thanking the EU for its generous funding support, Dr Xuebing Sun, the EU-STREIT Programme Coordinator, said: “the Programme has generated substantial impacts at beneficiary, local institutions and enabling business environment levels. This would not be possible with good partnership, increased ownerships and leaderships of the governments and implementing partners.” “This co-residing and close co-operation among UN agencies and their national partners in this integrated space reflect the partnership approach taken by the Programme to sustainably develop agri-enterprise activities in the region,” added Dr Xuebing Sun, adding “the new climate-friendly facility, which is fully powered by solar energy, also provides a space to welcome, advise and serve the farmers, including interested women and youth, who play very important roles along agri-food value chains”. “This kind of ‘green investment’ enables a shift to a more green economy for local institutions and infrastructure to meet cocoa, vanilla and fishery value chains stakeholders” advised Anthony Bennett, the FAO Lead Technical Officer of the EU-STREIT PNG Programme. United Nations’ implementing partners supporting the FAO-led EU-STREIT PNG present in the office include the International Labour Organization (ILO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The EU-STREIT PNG is being implemented as a UN Joint Programme (FAO as leading agency, and ILO, ITU, UNCDF and UNDP as implementing partners), is the largest grant-funded Programme of the European Union in the Country and the Pacific region. It focuses on increasing sustainable and inclusive economic development of rural areas through increasing the economic returns and opportunities from cocoa, vanilla and fishery value chains and strengthening and improving the efficiency of value chain enablers, including the business environment and supporting sustainable, climate-proof transport and energy infrastructure development.


Paul Oeka - August 12, 2022

CPAPNG annual meet to discuss global changes

Certified Practicing Accountants of Papua New Guinea will be hosting their 23rd annual conference with about 400 participants nationwide expected to attend the two day conference organized by CPA PNG in Lae Morobe Province from August 18 to19, 2022 CPAPNG was established in 1974 and has come a long way with a lot of achievements along the way. Over the years its membership grew from mere numbers to just below 2000 which includes 40% locals and 60% non-citizens. . The CPA PNG conference is one of CPAs three significant annual events on their calendar with this year's conference theme; Is PNG prepared for the recession?" The conference will see certain key leaders in executive management roles from both the public and private sector delivering presentations in line with the conference theme. CPA PNG's Executive Director Mr. Yuwak Tau said the theme of the conference was selected because there was a decline in the global economy and the general so when that eventuates small economies tend to be affected. He added that they have basically selected the theme that was current and appropriate so that members would find relevance during the course of the conference. “The meeting is to create intellectual and interactive discussions with seasoned business leaders to present and share their ideas and experiences to find probable outcomes within their business environment and industries in times of economic uncertainty”. Some of the topics to be presented by consultants are current significant issues such as crypto currency, transport pricing, bit coin block chain technology and stress management. This were some topics that people have heard about but have not really ventured into. Mr. Tau added that it would be quite hard to measure the benefits immediately but the participants will be able to look at insights shared during the conference that would be appropriate in the areas of employment, accounting, finance, auditing and others. The conference will create an environment where participants can also share information so That they can take points to apply in their work place and industries. In relation the Kumul petroleum Holdings had also presented a cheque of K50, 000 to support the coming event at their head office. The cheque was presented by KPHL's executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Luke Liria and was received by CPA PNG Chairman Richard Kuna. Mr. Liria said KPHL has appreciated the effort put in by CPA PNG to ensure that its members in State owned enterprises and the private sector were given appropriate level of training and as part of KPHL's corporate social responsibility and commitment they hope that their support will continue to help the organization facilitate and make sure the accounting practices is of international standards. CPA PNG's Chairman, Richard Kuna acknowledged KPHL for their support and stated that he was looking forward to seeing KPHL being a big part of the upcoming conference.


Paul Oeka - August 12, 2022

BSP: Small to Medium Enterprises Loans reaches 60% rate.

Bank South Pacific's Financial Group Ltd Chief executive officer Mr. Robin Fleming has recently announced that the bank has granted more than K200 million as loans to small to medium enterprises under its credit scheme facility that the then Marape government had released to the bank to support Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and local businesses during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Fleming said about 1523 customer loans have been approved, that is about 60% of loan approval rates since 2019. Prior to this announcement BSP and the Department of Commerce and Industry (DCI) had agreed to increase the maximum loan under the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) credit enhancement facility to K5 million. The previous limit was K3 million when the Government first released K100 million as security to the bank under its K200 million SME allocation for BSP to rollout the loan facility last year. Fleming stated that even though they have exhausted and rolled out the bulk of the governments relief funds for SME's they will still be running the SME loan program under its credit facility scheme “At this stage, BSP has not received the funding planned for this year but that is not preventing BSP from giving loans under the facility”. “There remains significant capacity for BSP to continue to assess, approve and funds loans under the facility”. “The agreement with the Government did provide for momentum in the SME facility to be maintained while allowing for the Government budget and funding process to be adhered to”. As part of the government SME relief funding, Commercial Banks were allocated K200 million with BSP Financial Group receiving K100 million, NDB K80 million and another K20 million was allocated to the department of Commerce and Industry BSP could not comment on how the National Development Bank (NDB) is dealing with the K80 million it received, but the intent, when discussions were initiated, was that BSP would be lending to more mature SMEs and NDB to startup ventures. In addition to enabling SMEs to access lower cost of funds through the facility with BSP, the bank has also made it a responsibility to ensure that Government funding is preserved by not approving loans that have a higher risk of default.

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