Wan PNG Enhances Platform with AI-Driven Skills Engine for Smarter Skill Management

By: PNG Business News June 25, 2024

Wan PNG is introducing a significant upgrade to its platform with the implementation of an AI-driven Skills Engine. This feature aims to streamline the process of skill management for users, offering a curated database of over 13,000 skills linked to over 3,500 occupations. The primary goal is to provide a more efficient and intelligent method for both job seekers and employers to navigate skill profiles on the platform.

Key Features of the AI-Powered Skills Engine

  1. Curated Skills Database

Users will now have access to a comprehensive database of skills, eliminating the need for manual entry through free text. This curated database encompasses a wide range of skills relevant to various occupations.

  1. Occupation-Linked Suggestions

A notable enhancement is the linkage between skills and occupations. When users add work experience based on a specific occupation, the AI engine suggests relevant skills associated with that occupation. This feature aims to improve the accuracy of skill representation for users.

Implications for Job Seekers

For job seekers, this update offers a more systematic approach to building profiles. The AI engine provides a detailed list of skills and recommends those most relevant to specific occupations. This empowers job seekers to present their profiles more strategically.

Benefits for Employers

Employers stand to benefit from a more efficient talent acquisition process. The alignment of skills with occupations allows for easier identification of candidates whose skill sets closely match the requirements of a particular role.

Platform Intelligence

The AI-driven Skills Engine signifies Wan PNG's commitment to staying technologically current. The platform aims to serve as a more intelligent ecosystem, adapting to the evolving demands of the job market.

Looking Forward

While celebrating this upgrade, Wan PNG acknowledges that it is part of an ongoing commitment to improvement. The platform seeks to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, with a focus on empowering Papua New Guineans on their professional journeys.

In the realm of skill management, Wan PNG's AI-powered Skills Engine represents a practical step toward efficiency and accuracy. The platform aims to provide a more intelligent and accessible tool for users to navigate the intricacies of skill representation, contributing to a more informed and strategic job market in Papua New Guinea.

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