Wan PNG Expands Reach with Launch of iOS App

By: PNG Business News April 12, 2024

In a strategic move towards increasing accessibility and inclusivity, Wan PNG is pleased to announce the launch of its iOS app. Complementing the existing Android app, this development is a significant step forward in ensuring that Wan PNG's services are available to all users, regardless of their mobile device preferences.

Closing the Mobile Market Gap

Wan PNG recognises the importance of catering to the diverse mobile landscape in Papua New Guinea. With Android dominating over 96% of the market, the addition of the iOS app addresses the remaining 3% of users who prefer Apple devices. This strategic move aims to ensure that the Wan PNG platform is universally accessible, closing the small but significant gap in mobile market coverage.

Understanding the Local Dynamics

The decision to initially focus on Android aligns with the predominant user preferences in Papua New Guinea. Unlike countries such as Australia, where over 50% of users opt for iOS, the Papua New Guinean market exhibits a distinct pattern. The vast majority of users favor Android devices, making it the logical starting point for Wan PNG's mobile app development.

A Comprehensive Mobile Solution

With the introduction of the iOS app, Wan PNG now offers a comprehensive mobile solution, encompassing both major platforms. This marks a critical milestone in making the platform universally accessible to all Papua New Guineans, regardless of their choice of mobile device. The app is designed to provide a seamless and consistent experience, ensuring that users can leverage Wan PNG's features effortlessly, whether they are on Android or iOS.

User-Centric Development

The decision to launch an iOS app is rooted in Wan PNG's commitment to being user-centric. Recognising the diversity in device preferences among our users, we understand the importance of providing choices that align with their preferences. This development ensures that every user can engage with Wan PNG's services through their preferred mobile platform.

Enhanced Features for iOS Users

The iOS app brings with it all the features and functionalities that users have come to appreciate on the Android platform. From streamlined job searches to intelligent skills management, Wan PNG on iOS mirrors the Android experience, creating a cohesive and unified user interface.

Looking Ahead

As Wan PNG continues to evolve, this expansion into the iOS market is a natural progression. It not only reflects the platform's commitment to inclusivity but also positions Wan PNG as a versatile and responsive tool for the Papua New Guinean workforce. Looking ahead, Wan PNG remains dedicated to ongoing improvements and innovations that enhance the user experience and contribute to the professional growth of our community.


The launch of the iOS app is a significant step towards ensuring that Wan PNG is a platform for all. By addressing the specific dynamics of the Papua New Guinean mobile market, Wan PNG strives to provide a universally accessible solution for job seekers, employers, and educational institutions. This development underscores Wan PNG's commitment to being a reliable and inclusive partner in the professional journeys of Papua New Guineans.

Wan PNG is a Kumul Petroleum initiative and thanks its platform partner Papua LNG for its continuing support.

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