Wan PNG's at CANCONEX: Fostering Connections and Inspiring Progress

By: PNG Business News October 05, 2023

This year Wan PNG's had the honour of travelling to CANCONEX to share its message. At the event Wan PNG was able to engage with various enterprises operating in Papua New Guinea. Their proactive approach allowed them to connect with a multitude of sectors, including financial institutions like BSP, Moni Plus, and Nasfund; FMCG giants such as Paradise Foods and IPI; and key players in the mining and petroleum industry like Papua LNG, Santos, Exxon Mobil Newcrest, and Wafi-Golpu.

Kumul Petroleum, as a gold sponsor of the event, played a significant role in shining the spotlight on Wan PNG. This level of support underscored the potential and importance of Wan PNG as a project under Kumul Petroleum's umbrella, elevating their presence at CANCONEX.

One of the most rewarding aspects of such events is the opportunity to put faces to names that were previously only known through email exchanges and phone calls. Wan PNG seized this opportunity and created valuable connections with individuals and companies interested in their platform.

The pinnacle of Wan PNG's CANCONEX experience came on Tuesday, August 29th, when they had the privilege of delivering a one-hour presentation during the FOCUS TALK Segment. The presentation provided a platform to showcase Wan PNG's vision and its potential to boost national content.

However, the true highlight was when Wan PNG had the honour of introducing Prime Minister James Marape to their platform. This great occasion was marked by a memorable selfie, symbolising the alignment of Wan PNG's vision with the nation's leadership. It was a powerful illustration of how a small initiative can make a big impact when it aligns with the broader goals of society.

In conclusion, Wan PNG's attendance at CANCONEX aligned with the platform’s commitment to building connections, sharing its vision, and engaging with key stakeholders has the potential to shape the future of Papua New Guinea. The event inspired the team to dream big, work hard, and believe in the power of positive change of the Wan PNG platform.

Wan PNG thanks its platform partner Papua LNG and appreciates the Royal Papua Yacht Club’s support.

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