Latest Update on the Wan PNG Platform

By: PNG Business News May 22, 2023


The Wan PNG platform has been moving from strength to strength over the last few weeks as it prepares for its official launch soon.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Papua LNG and Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, the platform has now been presented at a number of events such as the recently organised Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industries breakfast on the 11th of May. The presentation was well received with numerous engaging questions.

Significant interest was expressed by the audience after the event with a number of attendees reviewing the platform after the event and signing up. An additional session was organised at Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (who are the organisation who initiated, sponsored and had the vision to launch the project) which was attended by further local Papua New Guinean employers.

Since then, the FM100 team carried out a live streamed interview that received a number of interested callers discussing how the platform will help the nation. It was explained how the platform will solve a number of challenges around skill shortages and finding jobs.

The Wan PNG team is preparing for an official launch coming up over the next months which will be announced soon. Papua New Guineans will be encouraged to sign up during the official launch and take part in the platform which is aimed at driving prosperity in PNG by:

  1. Showcasing Local Talent: First and foremost, Wan PNG’s goal is to showcase the best PNG talent to both local and foreign business through a national candidate database.
  2. Kickstarting Careers: Wan PNG is dedicated to the promotion of internship and entry-level positions to school-leavers and other entrants into the workforce.
  3. Expanding Diversity: Wan PNG is committed to highlighting women and other under-represented people to employers to build a more diverse, successful workforce.
  4. Training and Upskilling: Job Seekers can access expert career advice and courses offered by the community of training partners to develop the skills they need to succeed.
  5. Educating and Informing: Job Seekers have instant access to news, resources, and courses offered by the community of educational partners to build the foundation for their future.
  6. Supporting Landowners: Wan PNG is dedicated to raising the participation and prospects of landowners across Papua New Guinea, including highlighted Wan PNG profiles.

Beyond allowing employers to find suitable employees, the platform reveals the data on skill gaps identified on the platform, allowing training and education institutions to ensure they offer the right skill development needed by the nation now.

New features are being continually added to help increase the development and sustainable employment of local PNG talent, so everyone can share in newfound resources and growing prosperity.

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