Transportables for the Resource Sector

By: PNG Business News March 27, 2023

Photo: Transportable duplex with ensuites

PNG Forest Products has produced an innovative range of transportable, modular solutions for mining, gas and petroleum camps that provide instant accommodation without the need for on-site construction. Each unit in the range is affixed to a steel chassis skid frame with lifting eyes for easy craning onto trucks for transport to site.

Projects Maintenance Superintendent at K92 Mine Site, Reis Colley, explains why these modular units are a real game changer for mining camps.

“As K92 Mine is growing and expanding we were considering different accommodation options when PNGFP proposed a transportable 2-bedroom individual ensuite unit with a verandah. I presented this to the Management team as a quicker option than the traditional timber long houses we have been installing.”

“We initially purchased 18 of these units and installed them near existing accommodation units, which allowed us to use established infrastructure and minimise disruption to current camp rooms.  When the first units were installed and inspected it was agreed to continue with the purchase and installation of these units as they provided 2 ensuite rooms with a verandah on a footprint about the same size as a 20ft Container.”

“As the modular unit is built in the PNGFP factory offsite, once delivered it only had to be lifted onto the footings and connected to the plumbing and electrical services, so we could have rooms available quickly. This also allowed for us to hand over completed sections and continue with more footing and infrastructure installation for the next deliveries.”

The Transportable Duplex with Ensuite provides comfortable accommodation for two with each unit containing a bathroom, hot water heater, air conditioning and all internal plumbing and electrical fixtures & fittings. Including verandahs, this duplex is priced from K69,000.

There is also a Transportable 4-Man Duplex without ensuite, which accommodates two persons per unit and is priced from only K62,425. Supplementing these are Transportable Ablution Blocks which come in a number of configurations including: Male/Female with three toilets each side; a six-toilet unit; a six-shower unit; or a three-toilet/three-shower unit, all with four handwash basins.

Priced from K64,600, these ablution blocks are also ideal for rural schools, health clinics and aid posts around the country, and come with the option of a septic tank kit.  For situations where space is an issue, PNGFP have designed a 3-Storey stackable duplex with ensuites, priced from K295,000.  All prices quoted are ex-Lae and ex-GST.

As with all PNGFP Engineered Wood Products, the timber and plywood components are produced from durable, lightweight, pressure treated PNG plantation pine, manufactured to Australian and NZ standards.

PNGFP’s unique preservative pressure treatment method ensures full protection from rotting and termites, so you know these units are built to last. For more information contact the NiuBuild team on 478 8111 or 478 8100 or email

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