Mining Industry Welcomes New Minister

By: PNG Business News September 26, 2022

Photo credit: Sir Ano Pala Facebook Page

Sir Ano Pala, Minister for Mining, has been warmly welcomed as the new Minister to steer the sector for the next five years.

The Ministry greeted Sir Ano as someone who will lead the sector moving ahead in the next legislative term because of his expertise and insight.

Sir Ano has made it clear that he doesn't want to be involved in or get in the way of all the difficult work that technical people undertake; instead, he wants to be in a position to lead, direct, and make decisions based on suggestions and recommendations from the appropriate ministerial organisations.

During the handover-takeover event in Port Moresby, Sir Ano informed members of the Mining Ministry, including the key stakeholders in the sector.

Harry Kore, secretary of the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazard Management, stated that the Ministry is prepared to carry out all the technical tasks Sir Ano specified in the public's best interest.

According to Mr. Kore, the Ministry has been given three significant tasks to complete regarding Porgera, Wafi-Golpu, and the Mining Act.

Given the damage caused by the recent earthquake and landslide, the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGM) has also been entrusted with conducting assessments in Morobe, Goroka, and Kainantu. The DMPGM will offer the Prime Minister a detailed brief in the next week.

Johnson Tuke, the departing minister for mining, received praise as well for his work during his stint there.

The Wafi-Golpu Memorandum of Understanding, the changes to the Mining Act 1992, and the Alluvial Mining Policy that was enacted in Parliament last year under Mr. Tuke's leadership were all recognised for their contributions by Mr. Tuke.

According to Jerry Garry, managing director of the Mineral Resources Authority, the Ministry has advanced significantly under Mr. Tuke's direction.

When the Marape-Basil administration took office, Mr. Tuke praised the Ministry for the assistance they had given him as well as the government for giving him the authority to head the sector.


Reference: Wohi, Lorraine. Post-Courier (20 September 2022). “Mining Ministry Welcomes New Minister”.  ​​​

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