PNG Businesses Source Smarter & Better – Direct from China

By: PNG Business News January 24, 2020

A growing number of PNG businesses are enjoying the benefits of sourcing a diverse array of quality products direct from Chinese factories. Sourcing direct, as opposed to via retailers and wholesalers, cuts out expensive middlemen, saving businesses thousands and making them more competitive. Sourcing from the manufacturing mecca of China provides businesses with an almost infinite array of product choices. Indeed ‘anything and everything’ is manufactured and ready for export in China.

Tom Yang, Managing Director of ‘Harbour Lights’ – a company that specialises in helping PNG businesses source direct from Chinese factories – has been travelling back and forth to PNG for more than 10 years. “Just over 80 percent of our business is done in PNG” says Tom “we know the nuances and challenges of the market here exceptionally well and it’s fair to say that we are PNG experts.”

Although most Harbour Lights clients are based in Port Moresby, the company also has a track record of sourcing for businesses in other parts of the country such as Lae, Mount Hagen and Kokopo.

Yang has considerable experience servicing hotel, resort, restaurant and apartment clients, sourcing a vast array of building and fit out materials, as well as furniture, linen, bedding and so much more. Indeed numerous readers will have dined at a table, sat on a lounge, or slept in a bed sourced by the Harbour Lights team!

Although many of his clients represent the ‘high end’ of PNG’s hospitality and accommodation providers Yang also assists mid-tier organisations and NGOs and not just in PNG. One recent Australian project saw Harbour Lights supply furniture to a nursing home. Another in the Philippines involved sourcing items for a large office-share project. Harbour Lights also sources for staff and student accommodation projects as well as for retail operations.

“PNG retailers, whether they sell furniture, floor tiles, office equipment, sporting goods, or just about anything really, will be able to source these through us at anywhere between 10 – 50 percent of what they pay their current suppliers” says Yang. “Our retail customers end up being considerably more competitive as they can pass savings on to customers. Alternatively, they can enjoy much higher profit margins.”

Harbour Lights is not the only sourcing enterprise servicing PNG. Yang advocates that “businesses shop around and do their homework before selecting a sourcing business partner”, ensuring that they work through a well reputed and experienced agent who ticks the following boxes:

Only uses quality vetted suppliers who manufacture to Australian or New Zealand standards – China has undergone a quality revolution and produces items of the most exceptional quality (however it also produces items of atrocious quality)

Very good English literacy skills – save time, frustration and misunderstandings with excellent and clear communications

PNG experience and legitimate (verifiable) testimonials from satisfied customers – a ‘no brainer’

Willing and able to take clients on a tour of Chinese factories/suppliers for product viewing and quality assessment – allowing clients to touch and feel the products before purchase

To learn more on how to source smartly, safely and cost-effectively from China:

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