Member Engagements Begin

By: PNG Business News February 17, 2021

With a focus on engaging more with its membership in 2021, the National Superannuation Fund, Nasfund, has begun its member engagements.

In addition to online presentations via Zoom, the Fund’s Client Relations Team has commenced conducting shop-floor presentations, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.

Whilst the shop-floor presentations cover a range of topics, a specific emphasis has been placed on the need for contributing members to ensure that Membership Details are updated and correct.

According to the Fund’s Chief Officer Member Services, Anne Wilson, member engagements will be a priority this year.

“After a somewhat restricted year in 2020, we are excited to once again begin our physical and online interactions with our members, all across the country.

Through our employer engagements, we are providing them updates on how we can all work together to secure retirement savings for our membership, and also how the Fund is adding value to their membership whilst they remain in active employment, through services such as the Membership Discount Program, MDP.

This provides the opportunity for us as the custodians of their retirement savings to provide an overview of how we are adding value to their membership, and also get feedback from our members on areas where they think we can improve on, to serve them better.

Employers who contribute to Nasfund, and those who want to begin contributing to Nasfund, are encouraged to contact us, to organize a presentation to their staff, at a date and time, that suits their schedule.

We are excited at the opportunity to once again meet with our members in 2021, and look forward to working together for the benefit of our membership right across the country.”

Contributing employers who would like to know more about what the Fund is doing, are requested to contact the Nasfund Client Relations Team on to organize a presentation.

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