How SGS’s On-Site Well Services are Revolutionising Gas Production in Papua New Guinea

By: PNG Business News June 05, 2024

SGS has emerged as a pivotal service provider in Papua New Guinea's upstream industry, providing cutting-edge on-site well services to a major operator in 2023. 

Their use of state-of-the-art high-pressure sand filtration equipment ensured a safe and efficient natural gas extraction.

SGS utilised a comprehensive high-pressure sand filtration equipment package, featuring advanced components such as high-pressure flow lines, connections, and precision measuring equipment. Their equipment can deliver reliable natural gas extraction even in the rugged, challenging PNG terrain. 

From initial job design and planning to the installation, commissioning, site supervision, equipment operation, and the delivery of thorough data reporting, their expert team oversee the project end-to-end guaranteeing seamless execution, and superior quality control. When you need to be sure, trust SGS to deliver.

SGS offers a wide range of in-house capabilities, including inspections, technical staffing solutions, upstream services, and sampling and analytics. These diverse service offerings allow SGS to deliver a customised, unique single point of contact service to meet the specific needs of each project.

Acknowledging the diverse operation landscape in PNG, SGS adopt a project-specific approach, ensuring that their solutions are precisely tailored to meet their client’s requirements and project objectives. Continual improvement initiatives are integrated into their operations, optimising processes on-site to ensure client satisfaction.

SGS takes pride in their ongoing support for clients across PNG. Beyond PNG, SGS proudly continues to make its mark globally, enabling a better, safer, and more interconnected world.

Contact SGS to learn how their cutting-edge on-site well services can optimise your project’s gas production.



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