Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing: Pioneering Innovation

By: PNG Business News March 11, 2024

L – R Clint Russell, Business Manager - Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing and Bronte Gale, General Manager – Industries, SGS Australia/PNG

Gearhart United and Redback™ Drilling tools are combining to form Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing. 

Gearhart United is the premier designer and manufacturer of oilfield equipment and custom manufacturing operating two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Wingfield, South Australia, and Moomba, South Australia. Redback™ Drilling Tools is a leader in Roller Reamer technology and delivers drilling optimisation solutions worldwide. The unprecedented reliability and quality of the Redback™ Roller Reamer revolutionised the industry and has been the go-to bottom-hole assembly tool for many drilling operations around the world since the late 1980s.

As part of a new strategic direction under the SGS Group umbrella, Gearhart United and Redback™ Drilling tools will be rebranded to unify into one company, Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing. 

Unifying two companies under one brand

To unify the brands, the two companies are combining into one, Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing. The company has over 40 years of experience with a reputation for superior quality combined with unparalleled reliability, proving how valuable innovation and trustworthiness are within the drilling market.

The company has won significant market share in many of the key drilling operations worldwide and earned the preferred supplier status with many of the world’s leading oil companies and major drilling service companies. Its global presence provides products and services across multiple countries, service centres and agents.

Passionate about innovation

By developing specialised reaming and torque-reducing tools, Redback™ aims to push the envelope on drilling performance. Its torque reduction capabilities and resultant vibration reduction capabilities ensures products worthy of their position in BHAs, where they enhance the performance of, and add life to other critical BHA components. 

Redback™ commits to excellence with a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions as shown through their strong presence in PNG. Currently, the company collaborates with 60% of active projects undertaken by leading service companies and exploration firms nationwide. This collaboration involves Redback™ enhancing drilling capabilities by offering their cutting-edge tools and a wide range of services.  Their team of design engineers specialises in designing and manufacturing equipment to offer tailored solutions for any engineering project.

“Reaffirming our commitment to innovative practices, customer satisfaction, and leadership.”

Bronte Gale, General Manager for Industries, said: “This rebranding initiative is not a simple name or logo change, it's a symbol of our reaffirmed commitment to innovative practices, customer satisfaction, and leadership within our market. This rebranding mirrors our ambition to uphold our status as the industry pioneer in Roller Reamer technology, as we have since the 1980s.”

Clint Russell, Business Manager for Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing, said: “This rebranding will help focus interest on our services, tools and professional personnel that support both traditional and non-traditional energy markets while we continue to drive innovation.”

With the company continuously looking to improve and innovate, the new brand identity will help fortify the trust and confidence that customers all over the world have placed in Redback™.  You can count on Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing to be a trusted partner, supporting your business ventures and driving sustainable growth.

Contact the Redback™ Drilling Tools & Manufacturing team today to learn more about their operations in PNG and how they can best assist you in achieving your goals.

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