Belt Again Beach Resort: A Gateway to Serenity and Cultural Riches

By: Roselyn Erehe June 10, 2024

Galomarubu village, along the Rigo coast nestled in the Rigo District of Central Province, lies an estimated 113 kilometers from bustling Port Moresby. Here, Esau Lui, the Owner and Director of Belt Again Beach Resort, brings to life his vision of a coastal haven where guests can escape urban hustle and reconnect with nature and culture.

Lui's roots run deep in the Central Province, specifically the Rigo district, and it's on the shores of his village that his dream takes shape. With a passion for hospitality and a desire to showcase his heritage, Lui embarked on the journey of building Belt Again Beach Resort in 2023.

The resort takes its name from the land it is built on, 'Kwari wai' in the native dialect, which means Belt Again. Now, a year and two months into construction, the resort stands as a beacon of local pride and opportunity.

Employing local villagers in various roles, from carpenters, electricians, plumbers, security guards, drivers to chefs, Lui not only fosters economic growth but also preserves traditional craftsmanship and culinary practices. 

Esau Lui in an interview with PNG Business News confirmed his employees where qualify in their respective professions delivering their services accordingly, “I told them, if we can build resources for other people, why not come together and we build for ourselves.” He added.

He stated the importance of exposing such locations as tourist destinations, to the international community and the country as a whole.

The resort's commitment to sourcing produce from nearby villages not only supports local economies but also enriches guests' dining experiences with authentic flavors.

As the resort nears completion, its offerings promise an escape like no other. From comfortable accommodations to beachfront bungalows, and from tantalizing dining options to a plethora of activities, Belt Again Beach Resort plans to cater for guests’ preferences. Whether guests seek relaxation or cultural immersion or simply a moment of tranquility, the resort aims to deliver.

Central to the resort's allure is its stunning jetty, stretching 210 meters from the rooms to the sea-view bar. By day, it offers a scenic pathway to the open sea, while by night, it transforms into a captivating spectacle, illuminated against the darkened waters.

Lui's aspirations extend beyond mere hospitality; he envisions Belt Again Beach Resort as a catalyst for community development and cultural exchange. By involving nearby villages in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sales and tourism initiatives, he hopes to foster sustainable growth and empower local communities, including villages stretching by the coastline of Central Province.

With a team of 37 skilled workers from diverse backgrounds, Lui's dedication to his vision is evident. These individuals are not just employees but partners in realizing a shared dream of prosperity and pride.

As the resort's opening draws near, Lui reflects on the journey that brought him here—a journey rooted in childhood memories and fueled by a determination to give back to his community.

Belt Again Beach Resort stands as a testament to Lui's unwavering commitment and the rich history of its location.

“This location is special to me, when I was a child, my parents will bring me here. We had our gardens nearby, our coconut tress too. Growing up, I had a vision; to do something in this place. Today what you see is the reality of what I dreamt of building years ago.”

“To bring back something, as an aspiring leader, this resort creates employment opportunities for locals and nearby villagers as well.”

“Imagine if we start having tourists, we can involve and have villages and communities to participate in SME sales here.”  He added.

Beyond its idyllic setting lies a legacy century in the making. Once a vital stop for seafaring travelers, Kwariwai Beach Point now emerges as a modern-day sanctuary, welcoming visitors and guests from near and far to experience its beauty and local hospitality.

As the finishing touches are put in place, Belt Again Beach Resort awaits its grand unveiling for the months to come. Esau’s efforts shine through the well-built tropical escape taking shape.

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