PNG CORE Announces Establishment of Asia Pacific SubCommittee

By: PNG Business News May 15, 2024

The inaugural PNG Asia Investment Conference in Hong Kong has created a platform for Asian Business in Asia and PNG to share their stories of success and investment opportunities. Pictured is PNG Hydro Development Limited Managing Director Allan Guo in a conversation with visiting delegation from mainland China.

The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Resources & Energy (PNG CORE) is pleased to announce the establishment its Asia Pacific Sub-Committee, an innovative step forward in promoting diversity, inclusion, investments and strengthened relations within the resources and energy sector between PNG and the economies of Asia.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster increased representation and participation of Asian companies in PNG and PNG businesses in Asia. By doing so, the PNG CORE seeks to unlock a shared growth trajectory, leveraging the critical role of Asia in the global economy and its growing interest in natural resources and energy.

The formation of the Asia-Pacific Sub-Committee offers a strategic enhancement to our existing framework, targeting the underrepresented sector of Asian enterprises in our membership. It sets out to be a dedicated platform for engagement, collaboration, and advocacy, driving mutual growth and technological and knowledge exchanges within this crucial sector.

The primary objective is to create a bridge for increased market participation, investment flows, and policy support conducive to the growth of both Asian and PNG companies. The Sub-Committee will advocate for beneficial policies, facilitate direct investments, and support technology and trade opportunities, enhancing global perspectives and diversity within the resources and energy sector.

The Asia-Pacific Sub-Committee will be led by a chairperson elected from among its members, representing diverse companies operating in Asia and PNG. A secretariat provided by PNGCORE will offer administrative support. The Sub-Committee's role encompasses advocacy, networking, information dissemination, and policy development—all aimed at fostering a collaborative and prosperous relationship between Asia and PNG.

We invite all relevant stakeholders, companies, and interested parties to join us in this exciting venture. Together, we can shape a collaborative and innovative future that captures the immense opportunities presented by the Asia and PNG markets.

The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Resources & Energy is a leading organization dedicated to advancing the resources and energy sectors in Papua New Guinea. Through advocacy, networking, and collaboration, PNGCORE aims to enhance the contributions of these sectors to the national economy and sustainable development.

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