Rural Electrification Program Launched

By: PNG Business News January 22, 2024

The people of Halia and Haku constituencies in North Bougainville can look forward to transformational change following the launch of the Rural Electrification Program today in Buka.

The Program was officially launched today by ABG Vice President and Member for Halia Hon. Patrick Nisira and National Member for North Bougainville Hon. Francesca Semoso, in the presence of ABG Member for Haku Constituency Hon. Patrick Koles, ABG Member for Veterans North Bougainville Hon. Callen Matuna, ABG Caretaker Chief Secretary Esther Usurup and other senior public servants.

ABG Vice President Hon. Patrick Nisira said that the Rural Electrification Program was significant because it is now being launched under ABG-owned company, Bougainville Power and Water Limited, who will lead this major development work.

The Rural Electrification Program for Bougainville was first launched in 2009 during the term of the first house of the ABG and had started in Tsitalato Constituency and gradually progressed on into Hagogohe Constituency.

“Through this Program now, lives will be transformed. It will help businesses to grow and other development will continue to happen. It will also compliment the road development that we already have,” he said.

Vice President Nisira emphasized to his constituents that during the initial rollout of this program, an understanding was reached with local chiefs that there should not be any compensation for clearance of land or food crops for this vital development, and appealed to his people that this same understanding must remain in order to access this service at the village level.

National Member for North Bougainville Hon. Francesca Semoso in her remarks, made a commitment of K1million towards the program, reaffirming her support to the development of North Bougainville.

“This is your money,” Semoso said, while pledging her support to see the Program continue on into Haku Constituency.

Hon. Semoso also announced that during her term, she is committed to seeing through major projects such as the completion of the sealing of the Buka Ring Road, including the highway on mainland North Bougainville.

Vice President Nisira thanked Member Semoso for her commitment, saying that over the years, despite commitments made by former national Bougainville members, they never lived up to their words to support the rural electrification program. However, he said that with this commitment made now by the National Member for North Bougainville, it will change the way things have been done in the past.

Nisira reiterated the ABG’s commitment to continue supporting real development for the people of Bougainville and the region’s collective preparedness for independence-readiness.

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