By: PNG Business News September 11, 2023

Governor Yoto (left) presenting his government's position paper to Minister Pala this week in Alotau, Milnebay Province. They are with Vice Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, Hon Jimmy Maladina (right) and Vice Minister for Mining Hon James Donald next to Hon Maladina on the right. They are flanked by State and provincial government officials.

Governor for Western Province Hon Taboi Awi Yoto, this week presented his provincial government’s position paper, on the Porgera Mine Community Development Agreement (CDA) negotiation, to the Minister for Mining Hon Sir Ano Pala.

The presentation was made in Alotau Milnebay province, where the State Team, landowners and impacted communities just concluded CDA consultations.

In presenting the position paper to Minister Pala, Governor Yoto said in his introductory remarks, that his government’s position paper, presented terms on how much benefit they were seeking from the Porgera Project. He said this was for the use of their river systems as a means to disposing tailings waste from the Porgera Mine.

“We the new stakeholders from Western Province comprising the Fly River Provincial Government, spearheaded by the Governor and the three open Members of North Fly District, Middle Fly District and South Fly District, riverine communities in the Western Province, and Strickland River, Lake Murray and Lower Fly River, have united to integrate our negotiation terms in the form of requests,” said Governor Yoto.

He said his government hopes that the State Negotiating Team (SNT) would consider their negotiation terms as they look forward to ensuring that the New Porgera Mine re-opens.

In response, Minister Pala said that the National Government would consider their position paper together with that of other stakeholders, and ensure that all stakeholders receive fair, just and equitable shares of benefits from the project.

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