Success of Industrial Mining Expo Sets New Benchmark

By: Paul Oeka July 03, 2023

For the seventh consecutive year, the PNG Industrial & Mining Resources Exhibition pulled out all the stops to deliver a successful event on the 21st to 22nd June 2023 and set a new benchmark with its number of participants.

Throughout the years, the event has continued to serve as an essential and valuable meeting place for industry stakeholders where buyers and sellers come together to connect face-to-face and innovative products, services and technologies were revealed.

The two-day free-to-attend exhibition featured over 115 suppliers in an expanded floor plan at the Taurama Aquatic Centre in Port Moresby that included national and international manufacturers and suppliers with the latest innovations in the supply of services and equipment for the industrial, mining and oil & gas sectors.

The exhibition became the premier meeting place to connect and network with industry decision makers across a broad industry reach, including senior management, procurement, government personnel, engineers, contractors, and trade technicians.

The event proved to be the place to meet and engage with suppliers and even find a way into the mining industry. Among the exhibitors included were XCMG PNG, TE PNG, Nasfund, Monier, Biz print, Atlas Steel, Digitec, BSP, PNGAir, Vodafone and one of the major sponsors of the event Boss Attachments.

One exciting feature of the exhibition was the seminar series sponsored by Digitec and aimed at upskilling attendees in areas like technology, smart mining, and safety.

Exhibitors had the opportunity to attend a free How to Do Business in PNG Seminar and gave short presentations across one of two Conference stages on the exhibition floor over the two days.

Boss Attachments General Manager, Ricky Kirby, believes the supplier engagement at industry event will help strengthen relationships. among the Exhibitors.

"We’re proud to lead the way in the Exhibition, the experience we had showcasing our products and services with suppliers only helps to broaden our thinking and innovation perspective. The future in the industry is significant – and the expo helps to increase the visibility of that future," Kirby said.

In an Interview with PNG Business News, Patrick McElligot, Event Organizer and Managing Director of Trans-Tasman Media said: "In the current environment, finding the right people makes all the difference to our workplace, delivering production and getting results – so we’re looking at all avenues to encourage interest from existing and new-to-industry candidates to be part of the event in the coming years."

“The expo provides a much-needed platform for buyers and sellers to connect face to face again at a live, in-person exhibition,” he added.

"Exhibitions in the modern world remain incredibly relevant and their importance cannot be underestimated in their ability to drive the recovery and reconnection of industries, sectors and economies."

"During the course of the event people will connect across industries, hundreds of products will be on display and face-to-face interactions will take place," Mr McElligot said.

With machinery and equipment on display often high-value items, the show offered a platform for buyers to get up close to the products, see the quality, speak to technical experts, and view the live demonstrations. It also offered the opportunity to compare products and brands.

The event was attended by the private, public, and non-governmental sectors over the two days. They were mainly interested in the reviving of the industry after a slow-down during the COVID-19 pandemic. These exhibitors spoke about their services in human resource training, equipment purchasing and hire, and standardised testing for safety and operations.

Many expressed they were happy and satisfied with how the exhibition had progressed and were grateful for Trans-Tasman Media and its major sponsors for having hosted the PNG Industrial & Mining Resources Exhibition and Conference every year in Port Moresby.

The exhibition covered all aspects of the industry, everything from mining, electrical and automation to manufacturing, power and transport. So, there was a lot to see for everyone in those fields.

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