Delnet: 25 Years of Providing Seamless Connectivity

By: PNG Business News June 10, 2023


Delnet is the leading land and maritime communication and navigation solutions provider in the Philippines. With 25 years of experience, our company has maintained its mission to provide only the best products and services through innovative and consistent quality solutions and Delnet strives to provide seamless and continuous connectivity in the most remote locations and extreme conditions, locally and internationally.


Performant and reliable data connectivity is an important requirement to maintain communications and coordination between various mining departments.

Delnet has:

Installed and implemented two-way IP connectivity to several companies. Included is the supply and installation of leaky feeder cable, which enables users to have in-tunnel communications.

Deployed hundreds of satellite phones in the Philippines for primary and back-up mobile communications.

Installed VSAT units in the biggest companies and telcos in the Philippines.  These VSAT links enable primary IP connectivity, supporting dozens of employees working on-site.

We have provided work for major companies such as Shell, Boskalis (which is now dredging for islands in Manila Bay), Meralco, Philex Mining, and Energy Development Corporation.


Delnet continues to play its role in maintaining equilibrium and appeasing the local oil and gas market. 

Delnet has supplied, installed, and commissioned GMDSS radio communications, fleet broadband, and radar systems onboard the Big Three’s fleet of tankers and bulk carriers.


With a growing number of both local and international customers relying on Delnet for their fleets’ survey requirements and upkeep, we have partnered with major industry brands and have acquired several certificates and accreditations.

Our service engineers come with licenses, certificates, and manufacturers’ training and accreditation to attend to vessel requirements for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of communications and navigational equipment.

Testifying to this is the commendation of a major shipping line of all its vessels to our care and maintenance, and the installation and commissioning of navigation and communications equipment for a Japanese shipbuilding company’s shipyards in Subic and Cebu.


For major projects in demanding and unusual environments, Delnet offers complete managed service solutions, which cover all aspects of providing a total care package.

These unusual environments include complex mining projects involving mobile communications between vehicles and also establish wireless links in subterranean locations and tunnels.

Further, Delnet offers complete managed service for port and offshore-based vessels to port communications. We provide high bandwidth and economical service, thereby avoiding the high cost and low performance of VSAT links.

Delnet manages hybrid onshore and offshore projects whereby communications are provided to both vessel and land bound operations. We utilize the best technologies and guarantee highly reliable service levels.

As telecom and IT network designers and integrators, we seek to create customized solutions for each of our customers through specialized design, engineering, procurement, integration, installation, and maintenance for customer’s unique needs.

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