Fishing Industry Association of PNG Achieves ‘GDST-Capable’ Status

By: PNG Business News May 05, 2023


The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) announced on the 18th of April 2023 that the Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea's (FIA PNG) version of Fisheries Information Management System (iFIMS) software has successfully passed the GDST Capability Test. [1]

The GDST Capability Test is an online platform that allows businesses involved in the fisheries and seafood industries to verify whether software solutions can deliver on their promises of compatibility with the GDST interoperable traceability standard. Software products that pass this test are eligible to carry the “GDST Capable” logo. [2]

PNG FIA’s Sustainability & CSR Director Marcelo Hidalgo stated it is a great achievement for GDST to recognize the organization as a competent association to provide transparency in the fisheries industry in the Pacific. [1]

“We, the Fishing Industry Association of Papua and New Guinea (FIA PNG), are thrilled that our version of the iFIMS (Fisheries Information Management System) has passed the GDST Capability Test. As a vertically integrated tuna harvesting operation in the Western Central Pacific Ocean; it is important that this complex fishery be recognized as GDST-capable.”

In relation to the announcement, GDST Executive Director Greg Brown also expressed positive sentiments to the PNG group.

"The ‘GDST-Capable’ logo is awarded to software that is capable of fully implementing the GDST Standard. It’s exciting to see another key player in the Tuna sector, FIA PNG, make this important step towards enhanced transparency and assurance against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing," Brown said. [1]

The GDST is an international, business-to-business platform established in 2017 to create the first-ever global industry standards for seafood traceability.

More than 60 companies and associations participated in the GDST’s consensus-based drafting process, with strong participation from around the world, across the supply chain, and at all enterprise sizes. [2]

GDST focuses on partnership and participation with organizations that are dedicated to advancing the standardization and adoption of Interoperable Traceability throughout fishery and aquaculture supply chains around the world through GDST 1.1 governing information content and data formats for seafood traceability systems.

Interoperable traceability provides operational efficiency, manages and mitigates risk, provides easy and certain access to Food Safety recall and certification information, communicates product provenance, and facilitates global market access.

The Global Dialogue has laid the foundation for systems to build on setting the stage for fully transparent seafood supply chains. [2]



1) Fishing Industry Association (Brief Interview)


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