Prime Minister Marape launches tracking system for fisheries small-scale vessels

By: PNG Business News November 27, 2023

Prime Minister Marape launching the system with Fisheries Minister Hon. Jelta Wong and North Bougainville MP Hon. Francesca Semoso.-Picture courtesy of NATIONAL FISHERIES AUTHORITY

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape officially inaugurated the Fisheries Small-Scale Vessel Monitoring Platform, known as the NEMO tracking system, on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at Parliament’s State Function Room.

Developed by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), the NEMO tracking system is a groundbreaking initiative designed to strengthen the management and monitoring of small-scale fisheries across Papua New Guinea. Prime Minister Marape, during the launch, underscored the significance of sustainable fisheries for the economic development and well-being of coastal communities.

Prime Minister Marape stated, “Our marine resources are invaluable assets that need to be managed sustainably to ensure their availability for future generations. The NEMO system will play a crucial role in monitoring and regulating small-scale fisheries, promoting responsible fishing practices, and safeguarding the livelihoods of our coastal communities.”

The introduction of the NEMO system represents a substantial leap forward in the management of small-scale sustainable fisheries in Papua New Guinea, reaffirming the government’s commitment to responsible resource management, environmental conservation, and the well-being of coastal communities.

The NFA and the government will collaborate closely to ensure the seamless implementation and continued support of the NEMO system nationwide. This comprehensive system incorporates electronic reporting devices, vessel monitoring systems, and data management tools.

These cutting-edge technologies empower small-scale fishers to accurately report their catch, monitor fishing activities, and adhere to regulations. The data collected through the NEMO system will also support scientific research, fisheries assessments, and the development of evidence-based policies.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the NEMO system is expected to contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of coastal communities. By promoting sustainable fishing practices, the government aims to enhance the long-term viability of small-scale fisheries, improve fishery yields, and create new economic opportunities for local fishers.

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