ABG launches Energy Policy

By: PNG Business News March 31, 2023

The Autonomous Bougainville Government recently launched the Bougainville Energy Policy.

The Policy was developed together with the Bougainville Strategic Energy Plan that will guide the development of the energy sector in Bougainville over the next ten years.

Speaking at the launch, ABG Minister for Mineral & Energy Resources, Hon. Robin Wilson said that energy is fundamental for Bougainville’s economic and social growth and development.

“Given the very broad and cross-cutting nature of the energy sector, having a comprehensive overarching energy policy is imperative for Bougainville,” he said.

“On the eve of independence and nationhood by 2027 at the latest, Bougainville has this unique opportunity to do things right from the start. Having this energy policy and the legislative framework in place is critical from the onset if sustainable and reliable energy-derived socioeconomic development is to be realized.”

Minister Wilson said that the energy policy is launched under a sector vision of “accessible, affordable, reliable and sustained modern energy for the people of Bougainville”, and noted the current challenges in the energy sector being experienced in Bougainville and across the country.

“We have energy reliability issues. We also have energy accessibility issues. Not everyone has access to electricity. It is indeed a sad reality that above 90% of the population in Bougainville do not have access to, and cannot, at this juncture, afford modern electricity,” Minister Wilson highlighted.

The Bougainville Energy Policy has 8 broad goals to be implemented over the short, medium and long term period of the policy.

“The short term independence-ready goals include putting in place the energy policy and legislative frameworks as well as the administrative capacity for the energy sector. Additionally, another immediate priority includes improving on reliability and accessibility of fuel issues; this includes looking at local direct importation, from a primary supplier of cheap and clean bulk fuel into Bougainville by 2025.”

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