PRL15 Landowners and a Leading Field Service Provider form a new JV Company to service the Oil and Gas Industry

By: PNG Business News November 24, 2023

Mr. Jomu Peniai (first from left) and Members of the 11 clans that make up PRL15 with Mr. Garret Leahy (fourth from right)

Jerilai Pujari Holdings Limited (JPHL) and OM Holdings Limited (trading as Oilmin Field Services- OFS), have jointly announced their partnership, resulting in the establishment of Jerilai Pujari Field Services Limited (JPFSL) with an equal 50% ownership stake with equal representatives from both companies sitting on the JPFSL Board.

In 2014, the 11 clans which own the lands comprising PRL15, the licence area for the Papua LNG Upstream Project, formed Koko Nene Henaru Resources Limited (KNHRL) to represent their commercial interests. As the Papua LNG project has evolved, so too has KNHRL, which recently rebranded as Jerilai Pujari Holding Limited. (JPHL). This new entity continues to represent the commercial interests of the PRL15 clans and has begun seeking out strategic partnerships to deliver meaningful, generational change to the people and communities of PRL15.

Oilmin Field Services originated in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and has evolved into a prominent leader in the field services sector, Oilmin proudly boasts a track record of over three decades of successfully executing projects for major Oil and Gas clients throughout PNG. A cornerstone in Oilmin's history can be attributed to its extensive 15-year history operating in the Gulf Region and PRL15. Beginning with Chevron during early exploration, Interoil during initial growth and culminating with TotalEnergies as the current Operator, Oilmin has been a constant presence in the region working with local communities and clients alike. The Oilmin Board recognised the opportunity of a Joint Venture, to further cultivate the enduring trust and shared values that have been developed over the years between Oilmin and the PRL15 communities and its people.

Mr. Jomu Peniai, Chairman of the JPHL Board and a Director on the Board of JPFSL, expressed confidence in the partnership with Oilmin “If you look back; when Interoil was active in the PRL15, Oilmin was already there (as a contractor) even though TotalEnergies has taken over and has now established itself in the PRL15 area, Oilmin still remains as a contractor to the major companies, that shows that Oilmin has set a benchmark that is difficult to compete with”

JPFSL has been contracted by TotalEnergies EP PNG Limited (TEPPNG) to provide all Camp Management, Catering, and Maintenance Services for in excess of 400 personnel at its main Logistical Base, Herd Base. This contract also extends to the Supply of Remote Temporary Camps and associated Labour Hire.

Mr. Graham Leo, General Manager of JPFSL, underscored the JPFSL Board's vision to establish itself as the leading Catering and Camp Management Company with an aim to bring about real generational change to the people and communities of PRL15. JPFSL has successfully obtained internationally recognised ISO Certifications for Food Safety and Quality Management Systems, a reflection of our commitment to hold our company to a higher standard.

With a focus on the people of PRL15, JPFSL is committed to offering accredited training and development programs designed to equip our workforce with globally acknowledged qualifications. These qualifications not only enhance career prospects within JPFSL but also provide transferable skills.

For the local communities, the Camp Catering Contract represents a potential avenue for local farmers to supply their produce while also creating opportunities for the expansion and diversification of their business as JPFSL secures additional Catering and Camp Management Contracts.

Mr Leo added “The future of JPFSL is looking promising with the upcoming Papua LNG Construction phase over the next 5 years. The construction phase presents JPFSL with a unique opportunity to continue building capability and lay the foundation for future generational growth for the peoples and communities within PRL15.”

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