Moy Mamarua – 40 Amazing Years

By: PNG Business News November 27, 2023

Bougainville - Jan 2023 - Moy stands in front of his first place of employment. This is the former CIG operations in Toniva (just outside of ARAWA) – Bougainville

This is the amazing story of Moy Mamarua, one of BOC PNG’s stalwart employees who celebrated his 40th year of employment in 2023.

Moy commenced his eminent career with CIG in Toniva (Arawa) Bougainville on 15th August 1983.

He completed studies at Port Moresby Technical College, and whilst on holidays in Bougainville became aware of the exciting mining community and applied for his first job as a junior member of the CIG sales team.

Arawa was a mining town with the Panguna Copper & Gold mine, a 30-minute drive away at the top of the hill. This mine was operated by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) – CRA (Rio Tinto) owned and was the largest mine in PNG.

CIG Bougainville had an ASU (air separation unit) and a DA Plant. Moy said, “We had one expatriate manager; our national team included a production manager with 6 plant operators, 3 admin staff, and 3 sales staff.”

Moy said his first boss was a Dutch expatriate regional manager named Henk de Smit, who mentored him and “he saw my potential,” he said. Henk de Smit later became General Manager for CIG in Lae.

“I had other memorable mentors such as, Max Butcher, an Australian who was formerly head of the BCL Training Centre at the Fabrication Workshop at the mine. He taught me welding applications that were specifically certified for the mining industry,” Moy said.

“After 18 months in Bougainville – in early 1985 – and with good results and growth outcomes in my new sales role, I was recommended to join the new CIG venture at Tabubil. Here they were to build a gas plant to include an ASU and DA plants with all Gas cylinders owned by the OK Tedi mine (BHP owned). They invited CIG to run the plants.”

“CIG saw the opportunity to set up a small branch on the mine site – which they did. I had a new manager, and a new mentor – Mr Michael Shearer, he was another welding specialist,” Moy said.

Tabubil is a mining town only a few kilometers from the Indonesian border. “Again, I was in an exciting environment with a lot to learn,” Moy said. “I was later appointed to manage CIG Tabubil operations with direct reporting to Port Moresby.”

In 1988 Moy moved to CIG Lae where he was offered a Sales Management position for the Field Sales team. His region included the Northern part of PNG and some Gas Agents across the New Guinea islands.

Melbourne - April 1988 Cigweld - International Training Seminar – Moy receiving his plaque

Melbourne - April 1988 Cigweld - International Training Seminar Moy – intensely watching the Trainer

In 1991, Moy moved to Mt Hagen as the Area Manager to establish the business for CIG in the largest town in the Highlands. Moy said there were some challenging times, particularly with law and order issues.

Moy said: “I Launched CIG’s new safety range, negotiating deals with customers and establishing commercial contracts.” The challenges continued, Moy said, when the Highlands Highway experienced continued land slips, plus deliberate roadblocks by local villagers disrupting business.

“I created initiatives for stock management and contingency plans to supply the mines and to keep the General Hospital supplied with medical oxygen,” he said.

In 1994 Moy moved back to Lae. Later that year, CIG became BOC.

Back in Lae for a second time, Moy continued to share his knowledge and experience as a sales manager for the Northern Region of PNG and the New Guinea Islands.

Moy said this part of his career involved a significant amount of leading, coaching, and mentoring staff to improve customer engagement and the constant challenges of supply chain performance.

Major customers dominated Moy’s portfolio, including the Porgera Gold mine that was developing quickly, and the oil palm plantations across the New Guinea Islands that needed support with their welding consumables.

“These were exciting times” Moy said. “I was in Lae for 8 years. My 4 children were all born in Lae.”

Canberra - June 2003 Ramu Sugar - Processing Manager (Agui Monagi) & Chris Betts (BOC) - visit to Water Treatment Plant using SO2

Canberra - June 2003 Ramu Sugar - Processing Manager & Chemist – site seeing in Canberra

In 2004 whilst living in Lae. Moy was asked by Barry Burke, managing director of BOC Gases PNG, to assist with the development of BOC’s operations for the Solomon Islands. The issue was that Moy would have to undertake this role from Lae.

The reason for this was that “there had been many years of unrest and lawlessness” there. But in 2003, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) began, and soon stability returned.

In 2005 Moy was asked to relocate to Honiara in the Solomon Islands as the area’s Country Manager. During the previous period of unrest, BOC’s Oxygen and Acetylene Plants had been shut down, the building and the assets were still intact, and Moy replaced the interim manager.

Moy said: “It was like starting the business from ground zero. We had to build confidence in all parts of the business community.”

By 2006, Moy oversaw the installation of a PSA Plant, and all other gases were imported from PNG. However, due to the large growth of the business, by 2008 to 2009, Moy oversaw the installation of two 30 tonne tanks for carbon dioxide and oxygen. The PSA Plant was then closed due to high maintenance costs.

Moy said: “I was very proud of my 7 years in Solomon Islands, where I was able to build confidence with our customers and bring the business back to the highest standards.”

Honiara - 2007 In front of the PSA Plant in Solomon Islands – Moy with son (Cedric)

In 2011 Moy relocated to Port Moresby as a Major Customer Executive (MCE). At this point, the PNG-LNG project had commenced with the construction phase going through to 2014, generating a huge volume of activity for construction companies and associated contractors.

Once operational, Moy continued to build relationships across the oil and gas companies to supply specialty gas mixtures, leading by example and demonstrating his wealth of experience.

Sydney - June 2016 Linde Leading Lights Award – Highly Commended – Customer Experience Article from PNG’s National Newspaper – Post Courier 23rd June 2016

Moy also led from the front during the Covid period with his unique ability to reach people in all industry segments, and the customers responded by supporting Moy with their commitment

to purchase despite the restrictions of customer face to face visits being reduced.

Moy continues to develop and implement sales management plans across BOC PNG and supports the business in every way he can to provide the best outcomes for BOC.

BOC PNG thus says THANK YOU Moy for 40 amazing years.

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