Minister initiates electricity Program in Electorate

By: Paul Oeka November 11, 2022

Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change and Lufa Open MP Hon Simo Kilepa is determined to connect the Lufa District in Eastern Highlands Province with reliable electricity supply under the PNG Electrification Partnership (PEP) Activity Program fully funded by the United States of America Aid (US AID).

The first term MP plans to connect his district with reliable electricity supply as it will boost internal generating economic activities and better alleviate poverty in rural areas of concern in his district and Eastern Highlands Province as a whole.

Kilepa said that he held talks with senior executives of the USAID PEP Team concerning the planned off-grid electrification project.

The plan which is environmentally friendly positively reflects the Environment and Conservation ministerial portfolio he is leading in the Marape-Rosso Cabinet.

After his discussions Kilpea said that his district will prioritise Clean Renewable Energy alternatives which is specifically priotised under Solar Energy and Hydro Electricity, respectively.

Kilepa confirmed that this is a Public Private Partnership Program where USAID is providing technical support in partnership with district and provincial governments for the purpose of project fundings.

According to the US AID PEP Activity Program, only about 13% of Papua New Guinea’s total population has reliable access to electricity which is a major developmental obstacle.

The USAID PEP Activity is a developmental initiative to focus on the accessibility of electricity to rural areas which was made possible during the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby when the United States (US), Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, entered into the PNG Electricity Partnership (PEP), which aims to increase PNG’s electricity access to 70 percent by 2030.

Minister Kilepa is committed to ensure the people of Lufa District have reliable electricity supply using Clean Renewable Energy methods of generating electricity.

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