China vows to buy more PNG produce

by PNG Business News - November 27, 2022

Photo: PM Marape and Chinese President Xi Jinping before their bilateral meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, on the sidelines of APEC 2022.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says Chinese President Xi Jinping has given him an undertaking to buy more or all that Papua New Guinea produces.

The undertaking was made during a bilateral meeting between President Xi and PM Marape on the sidelines of APEC 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand (Friday, November 18, 2022), where PM Marape said that it was no longer aid or grant that was in the forefront of his agenda but trade, commerce and more business between both countries.

PM Marape said after the meeting that the onus was now on Papua New Guinea to start increasing production in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, oil and gas, and other areas like tourism to supply the very big Chinese market.

He was accompanied by International Trade and Investment Minister Hon. Richard Maru, Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Justin Tkatchenko and Secretary Elias Wohengu, PNG Ambassador responsible for Thailand H.E. Peter Vincent, as well as senior Government officials.

“The meeting with President Xi Jinping went very well,” PM Marape said.

“I congratulated him on his re-election and mentioned that we look forward to entrenching China-PNG relations, especially in the area of trade and commerce.

“President Xi also congratulated me on my re-election as Prime Minister of PNG,

“We agreed that a Free Trade Agreement must be concluded at the very earliest that would secure both nation’s interest so that trade and commerce happens within this realm.

“President Xi invited me for a State Visit to China next year during which time we hope to sign the Free Trade Agreement.

“He supported PNG’s move into downstream processing of our natural resources at our Special Economic Zones and said the Chinese market was ‘endless’ for PNG products.

“The Chinese President said he supported PNG’s move into downstream processing and would get Chinese companies to invest in this space.

“President Xi supported my idea to have direct flights between Shanghai and Port Moresby, which will complement our plan to increase business opportunities between our two countries, as well as people-to-people relationships.

“There over 100 million tourists leaving China every year and direct flights to Shanghai from Port Moresby can target this market.”

PM Marape thanked President Xi and the Chinese Government for continued support to PNG over the last 47 years and pledged continued partnership going forward into the future.

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PNG Business News - November 15, 2021

PNG, China Hastens Deal

Photo credit: China Embassy in PNG - On 2 November, Chinese Ambassador Zeng Fanhua held a virtual meeting with Minister for State Enterprises William Duma. Both sides exchanged views on further deepening practical cooperation between China and PNG. The Chinese ambassador to PNG, Fanhua Zeng, said the process of hastening a free trade agreement between the two countries has begun. According to Fanhua, this would assure that the two nations' commercial relations would improve following the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. PNG exports roughly 300 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas to China each year, as well as other goods including lumber. “It is important that even in this time we give some impetus to our trade relations,” Fanhua said. “For example, we want to have this free trade agreement with PNG. It’s a process we have to negotiate but we want to accelerate it (so that) when the pandemic is over, we can have (better) trade relations. “PNG is rich in resources like gas, oil, timber and fisheries and China has a big market. “So we can cooperate very closely and both countries can benefit from it.” Because of climate change, on timber, he said, “we have to do something in the area of forestation”. “We know that PNG wants to do something in that area so we can cooperate not in direct import and exports of timbers but we can cooperate in the production (of timber) we can export to China. “There is a big market in China and the products of PNG are very important and very good. “I see great potentials in trade and economic relations between our two countries.”   Reference. The National (10 November 2021). “China, PNG ‘fast-tracking’ deal”


PNG Business News - November 18, 2021

Trade Between PNG and China Totaled K11 Billion Last Year

According to estimates provided by the Chinese Embassy, last year's trade volume between PNG and China totalled US$3.21 billion (about K11 billion). PNG's exports to China totalled US$2.29 billion (K7.85 billion), while imports from China totalled US$920 million (K3.1 billion), indicating a trade surplus. In order to boost bilateral commerce, the two nations are also discussing a free trade deal. Fanhua Zeng, China's ambassador to PNG, had stated that the free trade agreement process should be expedited. He said that as a result of this, the two nations' commercial relations will improve following the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. China imports a large amount of PNG LNG, believed to be over 300 million tonnes per year, as well as other items including lumber. “It is important that even in this time, we give some impetuous to our trade relations,” Zeng said. “For example, we want to have this free trade agreement with PNG so it’s a process we have to negotiate. “But we want to accelerate this process so that when the pandemic is over, we can have better trade relations. “PNG is rich in resources like gas, oil, timber and fisheries, and China has a big market. “So we can cooperate closely. We import a lot of LNG gas from PNG and a lot of timber.”   Reference: The National (16 November 2021). “PNG-China trade volume reached K11billion last year”.


PNG Business News - June 07, 2021

New Chinese Ambassador Begins PNG Position

Zeng Fanhua, the People's Republic of China's new ambassador, recently submitted the letter of accreditation to Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae, the country's head of state. Ambassador Zeng succeeds Ambassador Xue Bing, who was recalled after completing his service in Papua New Guinea. Ambassador Zeng stated the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, who visited the nation in November 2018, offered greetings to the Governor-General, the Government, and the people of Papua New Guinea while handing the letter of credential to the Governor-General. He described Papua New Guinea as a significant Pacific island nation that has gone a long way in preserving its sovereignty and independence while advancing socially. Ambassador Zeng stated that China and PNG are members of the Asia-Pacific region and that the people of the two countries have had a long-standing relationship since the establishment of diplomatic ties in October 1976. During President Xi's state visit to PNG in 2018, the two countries established a comprehensive strategic partnership based on mutual respect, ushering in a new chapter in bilateral relations with fruitful outcomes in the areas of energy, resources, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and other practical cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. These, he noted, contributed to the people's well-being as well as the region's economy and stability. Ambassador Zeng stated that in the battle against Covid-19, China and PNG have stood united in their efforts to strengthen bilateral relationships. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the 15th Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, saying that he will do all possible throughout his term to foster a win-win partnership between the two countries. Ambassador Zeng stated that he hopes to work with PNG to execute major agreements reached by the two countries' leaders, enhance friendly interactions and cooperation in a variety of sectors, and help the China-PNG Comprehensive Strategic Partnership continue to thrive. He also stated that he would require the assistance of the PNG government.   Reference:  Elapa, Jeffrey. Post-Courier (2 June 2021). “New Ambassador For China Takes Up PNF Post”.

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PNG Business News - June 05, 2023

PNG PM Marape Participates in PIF Leaders Breakfast Caucas

Photo: PNG PM Marape Participates in PIF Leaders Breakfast Caucas Prior to the Korean-Pacific Islands Leaders (Kor-Pic) Meeting, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Marape joined other PIC Leaders for a breakfast caucus Chaired by Cook Islands Prime Minister and current Pacific Islands Forum Chair Mark Brown, to discuss the agenda and a common position on shared development issues.  Prime Minister Marape said climate variation, being the perennial issue including sourcing appropriate development assistance from the Korean Government was high on the agenda. He said the encouragement during the caucus was for all PIC Leaders to discuss their developmental challenges and put forward their ideas on how Korean Development assistance could complement the 2050 Blue Pacific Strategy.   Following this caucus, Prime Minister Marape, met with Australian Deputy Prime Minister  Richard Marles. Their discussions were centered around progress of the proposed Bilateral Security Treaty (BST), the recently concluded Defense Cooperation Agreement with the US, Visa issues and the PNG NRL Bid. On the BST, Prime Minister Marape mentioned that it was work in progress and required the PNG side to consult our domestic processes and sovereign laws in relation to certain wordings and provisions.  He also conveyed his apologies to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for the delay in formalising this proposed Treaty with Australia. For the DCA with the US, Prime Minister Marape informed that it was centered around improving the PNGDF's capabilities and interoperability including protecting our frontiers and sovereignty. He said it was non-discriminatory and PNG was open to entering into similar arrangements with its bilateral partners.  “In fact, the DCA would also complement domestic law enforcement,” Prime Minister Marape said. “The Ship Rider Agreement on the other hand was also vital in combating illegal fishing and transnational crimes.” For Visa issues, Deputy Prime Minister Marles informed that the current Australian Government was fully aware of the situation and following the Ministerial Forum in February this year in Canberra, had established a Joint Ministerial Team to work on bringing the Australian visa processing facility back on shore to PNG.  Prime Minister Marape in his response said that all processes from both sides had to be attended to in order for smooth facilitation and for citizens and businesses to continue without much hindrance now and heading into 2050 when PNG celebrates 50 years of nationhood. On Papua New Guinea’s NRL Bid, Prime Minister Marape explained that PNG was still very keen as rugby league was a major unifying factor, bringing our 800 tribes together as one people. In closing Prime Minister Marape assured Deputy Prime Minister Marles that PNG in no way would compromise its excellent existing bilateral relations with Australia and further stressed that PNG was capable of managing its sovereign affairs on its terms, systems and processes.


PNG Business News - June 05, 2023

ADB Helps Launch Vocational Education Project in PNG

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) today launched a cofinanced project to improve the country’s technical and vocational education and training (TVET) program. PNG's Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso delivered a keynote address at the launch event at Port Moresby Technical College. PNG’s Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, and Sports Don Polye, ADB Country Director for Papua New Guinea David Hill, and Australian High Commission Minister Counsellor Paul Lehmann all spoke at the event. The Improved Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Employment Project financed by ADB and the governments of Australia and PNG will strengthen the country’s TVET program and help prepare students to be more competitive and responsive to employment and industry demands. “We hope this project will become a model for all vocational education and skills training in TVET colleges in the country,” said Mr. Rosso. “The beneficiaries of this project—young, skilled workers, including women and men—represent PNG’s future, and through this project, the future of vocational education in PNG looks bright.” This project aims to boost the numbers of skilled workers in the construction and agriculture sectors where demand is high. “We will work with our partners to help advance reforms in the vocational education and skills training space in PNG,” said Mr.Hill. “These sought-after skills in priority sectors will help grow PNG’s economy.” The TVET sector of PNG’s education system comprises public, religious, or private institutions, including technical and business colleges offering postsecondary courses and vocational training.  “The Australian government is pleased to be supporting the Government of Papua New Guinea to achieve its reform goals in technical and vocational education and training to increase the number and quality of skilled workers,” said Australian High Commission Minister Counsellor Paul Lehmann.  “My vision for the TVET for Employment Project is that it will perform as an innovation and technology business incubator across PNG,” said Mr. Polye. “The project is the embodiment of a new approach—building a culture of quality education and innovation in a renewed and revitalized TVET sector.” The Improved Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Employment Project is funded through a $50 million concessional loan from ADB and a $10.6 million grant from Australia. The Government of PNG is also contributing $5.7 million. ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region. 


PNG Business News - June 05, 2023

PNG Forges an Innovation-fueled Partnership with South Korea in Digital Transformation

Papua New Guinea was amongst seven other Pacific Island countries to sign a partnership statement of intent with the Republic of Korea to further cooperation and partnership in digital transformation. Information and Communications Technology Minister Timothy Masiu, who also was appointed co- chair of the just concluded Korea -Pacific Islands Digital Ministerial Conference in Seoul, South Korea, signed the statement together with the meeting chairman Korean Minister for Science and ICT Dr Lee Jong-Ho. The others who signed the partnership intent are Tonga, Nauru, Samoa, Palau, Cook Islands and Kiribati. Australia and the World Bank also attended the meeting as supporting partners. The Statement of Intent states; The partnership recognize digitalization has transformed not only  daily lives but also shapes innovation in all sectors including politics, economy, society, culture and environment. Recognize and note that digital technology offers great potential to address various social economic challenges that come with rapid transformation of society. Agree on continued partnership in digital transformation  inclusive of sustainable development will be the key to future prosperity of the people of Korea and the pacific. Agree on sharing digital vision of policies will pave way for strong partnership to digital co-prosperity.  Mr Masiu expressed deep satisfaction that Korea , the global leading innovation country, has agreed to partner with Pacific countries including Papua New Guinea in digital transformation that will greatly enhance communication in a vast area like the Pacific and more so, strengthen supporting technology to better access to health, education and business. He told the conference that Papua New Guinea has begun the digital transformation with Parliament passing the Digital Government Act 2022 and relevant policies, and welcomed the partnership with the Republic of Korea, which he says, will go a long way in progressing the digital transformation agenda for PNG and the region. Mr Masiu had bilateral meeting with his South Korean counterpart, further seeking a stronger country to country relations in digital transformation and support to the National Broadcasting Corporation proposing a partnership between the NBC and the Korean Broadcasting Services. The Minister has formally invited the Korean Minister for Science and ICT to visit Papua New Guinea for the Pacific ICT meeting in August 2023 or to accompany the South Korean President who has been invited by Prime Minister James Marape to visit PNG. Mr Marape was in Seoul also this week for the Korea- Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting. Minister Dr Lee Jong-Ho acknowledges the leadership of Papua New Guinea in digital transformation and reaffirmed its support to PNG and the other Pacific Island countries.

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