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By: PNG Business News September 20, 2019

Marine pilotage plays a vital role in marine safety and accident prevention ensuring designated sea ports continue to contribute to economic prosperity through import and export via international commerce and trade.

As professionally licensed mariners, pilots board and assume the conduct of a vessel and guide it along the safest route to its port of call.

A pilot’s role is equally as important as that of a captain. Although while Captains are experts at navigating their vessels, they are not experts on the regulations and specific environments of each port at which their vessels call. This is where the local expertise of a marine pilot is needed to ensure that vessels and their crews, passengers and cargo arrive at their next port of call in a safe and efficient manner.

Captain Max Taikika Stoessel of Niugini Pilots Limited is a name synonymous with Papua New Guinea’s marine industry, and one of, if not the nation’s leading Marine Pilot.

I recently met Captain Max in the company of fellow Captains Neil Farmar and Ben Ransom, who are respectively President and Vice President of the Australasian Marine Pilots Institution (AMPI).

They discussed the importance of all regional associations including AMPI, NZMP and the Asia Pacific Maritime Pilots in working together to have a stronger voice in addressing cross-cutting issues and improving pilotage services in the Asia Pacific.

Captain Neil said AMPI’s goals are to improve services to clients.

“There is a need to disseminate relevant information, interact with stakeholders and Increase Pilotage services,” he said.

“We will also look at legislation, regulation, advice on ways of regulation and compliance and establish quality standards for the industry,” Captain Neil said.

Referring to a recent Mariners Workshop that was going to happen, Captain Ben said such events when brought closer to home ‘is a valued learning service and Marine Pilots in PNG and the region had a big opportunity to attend.”

“AMPI’s objective is to improve the professionalism of Marine Pilots and Marine Pilot Services in Australasia, through workshops and developing high quality standards,” he said

AMPI runs two workshops yearly and an international conference quarterly.

This October AMPI will he holding one such event – ‘The Upcoming event it will be hosting is the 2019 Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference themed: embracing the future to be held at Dolton House, Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia. There will also be a Women in Maritime Breakfast on conjunction at the same location on October 29.

Having a passion to pilot the seas, an ingrained commitment to Continuous Personnel Development (CPD) and a selfless dedication to operating in accordance with highest International Maritime Standards, Captain Max has and continues to make immense contributions to the PNG and regional maritime industry.

Niugini Pilots Limited (NPL) is a Papua New Guinean-owned Marine Pilotage company currently licensed and operating in 17 ports throughout Papua New Guinea.

Capt Max and his management team help ensure that their pilots attend regional and international Marine Pilot meets, training, workshops and conventions – to keep up with the ever-changing standards in a high-risk and demanding work environment.

With a focus on exceeding client expectations, providing Pilotage service based on International Operational Standard second to none, Continuous Professional Development for its pilots and providing better benefits for its employees, Niugini Pilots Limited is on par as the First-choice PNG Marine Pilotage Service Provider.

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