The Customer is King for Terrain Tamer

By: PNG Business News July 04, 2024

Terrain Tamer 4WD have launched a new TV ad on various platforms across regional Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, to air primarily during NRL, AFL and State of Origin matches.

Running from May until September, the ad, titled “Customer is King” follows the story of a young Frank Hutchinson, who founded the Terrain Tamer brand in 1969 and supplied strengthened 4WD parts to a young Bill King, who himself was in the beginning stages of starting what would eventually become the AAT Kings travel company.

Following Frank and Bill through the start of their journey, the ad shows the development of Terrain Tamer from its earliest years through to the intensive process of research and development that goes into their expansive 4WD parts brand today, as well as their continuing focus on meeting customer needs and providing quality service.

Filmed in Alice Springs across three days, the “1969” portion of the ad was filmed using special camera equipment sourced by the project’s producers, to authentically represent the colours output by film at the time.

Terrain Tamer staff members Zac Perkins and Cameron McDonnell were called on to portray the younger versions of Frank and Bill and costumes were carefully sourced to match reference photographs.

Interspersed with footage of a Terrain Tamer vehicle travelling a red dirt road to deliver parts to a remote workshop, the present-day portion of the ad features the real Frank Hutchinson, along with his son Brent, the company’s General Manager, utilising the technology offered at the Auto Innovation Centre in Melbourne’s south-east to showcase the thorough research, design and testing that goes into Terrain Tamer’s parts development.

Terrain Tamer’s new Customer is King TVC can be seen on TVWAN throughout the NRL Season in Papua New Guinea, as well as the brands Facebook and YouTube pages, or across AFL, NRL and State of Origin on Foxtel and various free-to-air stations around Australia.

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