Promising future for agribusiness investment in PNG

By: PNG Business News June 17, 2024

Papua New Guinea is witnessing a significant transformation in its agribusiness sector, driven by soaring global demand for its agricultural products and strategic initiatives to boost local production. Recent developments highlight the enormous potential for agribusiness investment in Papua New Guinea, particularly in cocoa and corn industries.

Papua New Guinea is set to record its highest-ever annual cash-crop export revenue in 2024, primarily driven by surging global cocoa prices. The country’s cocoa industry has experienced a remarkable boost, underscoring the significant role agriculture plays in Papua New Guinea’s economy. The soaring demand for cocoa has positioned it as a vital export commodity, promising further growth and opportunities for farmers and investors alike. The potential for scaling up cocoa production to meet global demands offers a lucrative avenue for agribusiness investments.

In addition to cocoa, Goodman Fielder International (GFI) has called on the Papua New Guinea government to establish a commercial corn industry. This initiative aims to reduce the country’s reliance on imported wheat for animal feed and boost local agricultural production. GFI’s Managing Director, Sun Xing Tao, emphasized the potential benefits of a domestic corn industry, which could provide substantial support to local farmers and contribute to Papua New Guinea’s economic sustainability. This call aligns with Papua New Guinea’s broader agricultural strategy to diversify and strengthen its agribusiness sector, ensuring food security and economic resilience.

The anticipated record-breaking cash-crop export revenue in 2024, bolstered by the cocoa boom, highlights the broader potential for agribusiness in Papua New Guinea. The country’s diverse agricultural landscape, favourable climate, and growing expertise in cash-crop production make it an attractive destination for agribusiness investments. With strategic support from the government and international partnerships, Papua New Guinea’s agribusiness sector is poised for significant expansion and development.

Investors looking to capitalise on Papua New Guinea’s agribusiness potential will find numerous opportunities in both the cocoa and corn industries. The growing global demand for cocoa presents a lucrative market for expanding production and export capabilities. Meanwhile, establishing a commercial corn industry can enhance food security, reduce import costs, and support local farmers. The government’s commitment to fostering a sustainable agricultural sector, coupled with initiatives like the Green Finance Centre, further strengthens the investment landscape in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea’s agribusiness sector is on the cusp of a transformative era, driven by record cash-crop revenues and strategic initiatives to bolster local production. The booming cocoa industry and the potential for a commercial corn sector present compelling opportunities for investors. With the right investments and support, Papua New Guinea can harness its agricultural potential to drive economic growth and sustainability, making it an attractive destination for agribusiness ventures.


Article courtesy of the Australian Papua New Guinea Business Council 

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