POMCCI event: Governor Parkop Shares His Vision and Plans for Port Moresby

By: Roselyn Erehe June 24, 2024

Governor for the nation's capital, Hon. Powes Parkop unveiled his vision and plans with the business community in mid June, during the POMCCI breakfast meeting at Crown Hotel. Port Moresby. - Image Provided

The Papua New Guinea, National Capital District (NCD) Governor Hon. Powes Parkop outlined his vision for the nation’s capital, emphasizing bold initiatives aimed at transforming Port Moresby into a model city.

Hon. Powes Parkop shared his vision during a breakfast meeting on June 13th, at Crown Hotel in Port Moresby, hosted by Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry (POMCCI).  Accompanying Governor Parkop was also the nation’s capital City Manager Mr Ravu Frank.

NCD’s Governor Powes Parkop in his vision for Port Moresby for the next five years stated, “POMCCI is a strategic partner with the National Capital District Commission in helping to develop our capital city. We share common goals. Our vision is to create an Amazing Port Moresby.”

“I want Port Moresby to be a clean, safe, active, healthy and planned liveable city. We have an Urban Development Plan for 2020-2030.” 

“As part of that plan we are converting settlements into suburbs. We have started with the 9 Mile quarry and have proper allotments which are being offered for sale to the settlers.”

Among the major initiatives outlined, the Governor highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare infrastructure, including plans for a new hospital to address rising health challenges.

“We have a health plan and are working with the NCD Provincial Health Authority. We are planning to build a new hospital at Gerehu. I am pleased to announce that the NEC has now approved funding for the hospital. It will take 3 to 4 years to build.” He added.

In his discussion, education also took center stage, with commitments to upgrade facilities and integrate modern educational standards into the city's framework.

Joined by businesses and corporates, including stakeholders, Governor Parkop underscored the collaborative efforts between government and the corporate sector in fostering a conducive environment to achieve common goals. Addressing a diverse audience, he highlighted the pivotal role of the NCD Commission, municipal government and teams in spearheading transformative projects.

"While challenges persist, such as infrastructure development and public health, our focus remains unwavering on creating a sustainable, clean, and safe city," Governor Parkop affirmed. He stressed the importance of strategic planning and partnerships in realizing these goals, pointing to the Urban Development Plan as a cornerstone for future growth.

Discussing urban safety, Governor Parkop unveiled a comprehensive sustainability and safety plan aimed at strengthening security across Port Moresby. He emphasized the importance of community involvement and public-private partnerships in executing these plans effectively.

"We envision Port Moresby not just as a city, but as a regional and global hub contributing to economic growth and cultural exchange," Governor Parkop remarked, underscoring the city's potential to attract international investment and tourism.

“Port Moresby has the potential available to make it a tourist destination” he emphasized Port Moresby’s potential to another tourism hot spot in the world.

“We can make the tourist product here so we are putting a lot of effort towards that. We have, with the national Government, been able to get the China Southern Airlines to come in.”

“This month the PNG Tourism and Promotion Authority (TPA), NCDC and some other stakeholders will be going to Guangzhou to do a roadshow so we can start to have good packages for Chinese tourists”. He added.

As his speech concluded, Governor Parkop reiterated his administration and the city’s municipal government’s dedication to addressing societal inequalities and improving living standards for all residents, including those in informal settlements. He pledged continued cooperation with the Motu Koita Assembly and local stakeholders to uplift marginalized communities.

Governor Parkop expressed optimism about the future of Port Moresby, urging stakeholders to join hands in realizing their shared vision of a vibrant, inclusive capital city. The audience, comprising business leaders and government officials, responded with enthusiasm, applauding the Governor's ambitious agenda for the city's development.

A question and answer session was also held accordingly giving the opportunity to the audience to ask questions and share their concerns and queries.

The breakfast event served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration, setting the stage for forthcoming projects under the NCDC's strategic roadmap. Governor Parkop's impassioned speech left attendees inspired and hopeful for the city's future as efforts continue to build a cleaner, safer, and more prosperous Port Moresby.

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