Santos and Telikom PNG sign Co-Location Agreement on 4G LTE connectivity

By: PNG Business News April 01, 2024

Telikom PNG Company Secretary, Mark Puri, Telikom PNG CEO, Amos Tepi, Santos Country Chair, Leon Buskens, and Santos Lawyer, Alison Kult, during the official Co-Location Agreement signing in Port Moresby this week.

Santos is proud to partner with Telikom PNG in developing an evolving telecommunications landscape in the LNG and Santos project facilities and communities through a 10-year partnership.

A Co-Location Agreement was signed between Telikom PNG CEO, Amos Tepi, and Santos Country Chair PNG, Leon Buskens this week in Port Moresby. This collaboration will be an enabler for Telikom to expand its Network into our upstream Field Sites by leveraging of existing Santos’s Telecommunications Fibre and Tower infrastructure. With reference to the Santos’ existing Service Level Agreements, both parties are expected to maintain the highest Standards of Service Delivery, Transparency and Accountability.

Through this arrangement, Telikom PNG will proceed with deployment of 4G LTE connectivity across Santos’ 14 communications sites and towers located at Kikori in Gulf province, Ridge and Moro in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province and Hides, in Hela Province.

During the signing, Santos Country Chair, Leon Buskens said Santos is pleased to collaborate with Telikom PNG to venture into fibre infrastructure and 4G LTE to boost internet connectivity whilst driving innovation and economic growth at the Santos field operations and project impacted communities. This will not only provide higher internet speed, but also a more effective and consistent internet connection.

“We believe through this collaboration; we can level the playing field for business and individuals by bridging the digital gap and enabling access to reliable internet services. This can contribute towards improving education (accessing online materials), entrepreneurship (e.g. digital banking etc), and cooperation, consequently fulfilling the Santos value of building a better future for all.”

Buskens said this initiative is in line with Santos’ commitment to the PNG Government’s aspirations found in its National Content Policy framework by supporting telecommunications as a tool for the sustenance of local landowner businesses and further strengthen community connectivity.

Santos has since given Telikom PNG capacity on Santos’ PNG LNG dark fibre between Port Moresby and Kutubu and further on the company’s Tower Infrastructures at Ridge, Moro, Gobe and Hides and its power systems.

The 14 communications sites owned by Santos are located at Iagifu Ridge, Moro, Moran Peak, Well Pad E, Gobe, Kaiam, Mt Hee, Aiio MLV, Gobe Bush, Hides-Nogoli Camp, Kaiam Crossing, Kakatumai, Mubi, and Agogo Production Facility.

The agreement will allow Santos to, amongst others:

  • grant Telikom the permission to use Santos’ sites for the purpose of transmitting Telikom’s radio transmissions from its equipment located on the transmission towers on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.
  • allow Telikom use of Santos’ sites at no costs, in consideration for the co-siting rights.
  • be given a redundant link via Telikom’s terrestrial network while Telikom will access Santos’ optical fibre link between Iagifu Ridge and Port Moresby, and cost-effective network expansion into Gulf, Southern Highlands, Hela, and Western Provinces.

Based on the agreement, the parties recognise the need for collaboration and assistance to improve telecommunications services in the LNG impacted project areas, including access to high-speed internet and related services.

Santos looks forward to the collaboration with Telikom PNG to help contribute to the development of our rural communities, workforce, contractors, local employees (when they return to their communities on FIFO breaks), landowners, and further empower individuals and create long-term positive change through telecommunications development and access. This investment in the country's future will create a more connected, resilient society for future generations as we continue to demonstrate the Santos value of building a better future for all.

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