By: PNG Business News April 14, 2024

Members from PNGTPA, NCDC, Canada Bay City Council, and Network Kokoda Australia.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia have embarked on a collaborative endeavour to honour war memorials and enhance tourism prospects.

This initiative follows a Memorandum of Agreement signed last year 2023 between the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA)National Capital District Commission (NCDC), and Canada Bay City Council in Sydney.

A significant discussion has been initiated among the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, NCDC, and Canada Bay City Council in Sydney to jointly develop war memorial sites in Port Moresby.

This collaborative effort aims to honour war legacies and promote War Pilgrimage as a prominent tourist attraction, akin to the renowned Kokoda Trail trekking experience.

The initiative is spearheaded by Canada Bay City Council, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, NCDC, and Network Kokoda Australia.

Driven by a vision to preserve the lessons of World War II, Canada Bay City Council has invested substantially in projects such as the Kokoda Trail Memorial Walkway.

This collaboration aims to strengthen bonds between nations, including the United States and Japan, while emphasizing the historical significance of the Kokoda Campaign to both Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Through this partnership, historic sites in NCD, including Paga Hill, Wardstrip, and Sabama, will undergo development, eventually extending into Central and Oro Provinces with support from provincial governments and Network Kokoda Australia.

Under the agreement, both nations will jointly develop war memorial sites in Port Moresby, reflecting their shared commitment to preserving the legacies of the Second World War and promoting the War Pilgrimage as a prominent tourist attraction, akin to the renowned Kokoda Trail trekking experience.

This trip seeks to establish a work plan for 2024-2025 to develop war memorial sites and promote war pilgrimages in NCD, Central, and Oro Provinces, with the ultimate goal of creating a tourist product stretching from Paga Hill to Buna.

A stakeholders’ meeting, scheduled during this trip, will bring together participants across Australia to garner support for the initiative. Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, MP, and NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop, MP, LLB, LLM, will address the stakeholders and finalize the work plan for implementation. Plans also include the establishment of Network Kokoda PNG and pushing for the transfer of the Kokoda Track Authority to PNGTPA.

“The collaboration between PNG and Australia to develop war memorials and promote tourism is a testament to the enduring friendship between our nations and the shared commitment to honouring our war heroes. This initiative will not only preserve historical legacies but also create opportunities for economic growth, education, and cultural exchange,” said NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop, MP, LLB, LLM.

The visit to Sydney marks a pivotal step in solidifying the partnership between PNG and Australia. Through joint efforts, both nations aim to create a lasting legacy that honours the sacrifices of past generations while paving the way for a brighter future through tourism, education, and cultural exchange.

This collaborative endeavour underscores the importance of international cooperation in preserving historical narratives and fostering mutual understanding.

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