Bishops Release Exciting New Catalogue

By: PNG Business News March 14, 2024

Bishops is proud to announce the launch of their highly-anticipated updated Industrial & Safety Catalogue. With a commitment to delivering excellence and meeting the diverse needs of customers across the region, Bishop's new catalogue showcases a wide array of exclusive products and services.

Bishops is PNG’S leading industrial tool and safety equipment supplier, providing high-quality goods and services across six branches in Papua New Guinea, their wide range of exclusive products and personalised solutions have been tailored to help grow PNG’s industrial output for more than 50 years.

The much-anticipated catalogue features over 15,000 hand-selected products, collated into 15 categories for easy reference and sourced from over 100 leading brands, making it the largest catalogue Bishops has ever produced and a valuable go-to purchasing tool for industry. Containing detailed product descriptions and specifications, coloured images and Bishops part numbers, researching and ordering products has never been easier!

In addition to their diverse product offerings, Bishops remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and fostering strong relationships within the local community. With a team of knowledgeable professionals and a customer-centric approach, Bishops aims to exceed expectations and remain the go-to destination for premium goods and services in Papua New Guinea.

“This Catalogue was made specifically for Papua New Guinea”, said Len Pianta, General Manager of Bishops, “and is a must have for any purchasing staff, workshop managers or project coordinators.”

The launch of Bishop's updated catalogue represents an exciting milestone in the company's journey to remain the largest and most trusted supplier of all the “little things” through quality products and memorable experiences. Customers can explore the full range of offerings in the catalogue online or visit their nearest Bishops branch to discover exclusive deals and promotions.

For more information about Bishops and to view the latest catalogue, please visit or find your local branch.

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