Papua LNG Project Early Works & Infrastructure (EWI) Information Sessions and Establishing Partnerships

By: PNG Business News July 10, 2023

Earlier in May and in the first week of June, the Papua LNG Project team successfully updated local and international business houses in Papua New Guinea (PNG) the status of the Project, as well as crucial information regarding Upstream Project packages of interest.

Two information sessions in the form of breakfast events, were held in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Port Moresby and Lae respectively, bringing together local SMEs, experienced business houses and local buyers and suppliers from around the country.  

Additionally, prior to the EWI session held in Lae, members of the Papua LNG Project team and TotalEnergies EP PNG (TEP PNG) staff paid a fortuitous visit to the campus of the PNG University of Technology (otherwise known as Unitech) and the National Polytechnic Institute of PNG.

This was done in recognition of both institutions’ contribution to producing the bulk of the country’s technical and field experts. Warmly welcomed by students and faculty members, the Project team on behalf of TEP Marketing and Services, also donated IT equipment to Unitech, for their use.

The general consensus of participants from both breakfast sessions were positive, as those in attendance felt better informed about the Project and how they may potentially become involved.

The sessions provided an avenue for prospective buyers, suppliers and local Small to Medium Enterprises to introduce themselves to two (2) workforce portals; the Supplier Management Portal (SMP) and the WAN PNG workforce portal to aid in their supply and demand needs.

TotalEnergies EP PNG Managing Director Jean-Marc Noiray in his opening speech at the first breakfast session in Port Moresby, remarked that the purpose of the EWI was to inform as many local SMEs and companies as possible, in anticipation of their future participation.

“One of the key elements to turn (this Project) into an exemplarity social project, besides attention to the environment, biodiversity and the community, is trying to maximise the national content of production,” he said. 

Project Director Emmanuel Hyest when interviewed by local media, stated that “Papua LNG is a big and very important project for Papua New Guinea. This Project is very important for the growth of the country.”

“It’s very challenging but we’d like this Project to be exemplary (on a global level) in terms of Social and Environmental (aspects),” he added.

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