Australia's Strong Investment Focus: Roads, Ports, and Electricity in Papua New Guinea

By: PNG Business News May 22, 2023

Photo: Senator Tim Ayres. Credit: Senator Tim Ayres Facebook Page

Australia Assistant Minister for Trade and Manufacturing, Senator Tim Ayres, addressed the 38th Australia PNG Business Forum and Trade Expo, highlighting Australia's focus on investing in roads, ports, and electricity in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He stressed the importance of reliable infrastructure for uninterrupted travel, trade, and commerce within PNG.

Senator Ayres pointed out the long-standing collaboration between Australia and Papua New Guinea in maintaining the national road network through the Australia PNG Transport sector program (TSSP). He noted that the TSSP, initiated in 2007, represents the largest bilateral program Australia has invested in within PNG's transport sector. The program has significantly improved the lives of the people of Papua New Guinea.

"Australia is PNG's number one infrastructure partner, and these investments play a significant role in creating employment opportunities in these projects," stated Senator Ayres. He further emphasized the involvement of local companies in PNG, saying, "Most of Australian contracts go to local companies here in PNG. It isn't just a case of Australian workers arriving to do quick-built projects and buggering off with the profits."

According to Senator Ayres, the focus extends beyond completing projects; it involves investing in local communities, providing training for young people, promoting entrepreneurship, creating opportunities, and building up the economy. The ultimate goal is to foster sustainable development and strengthen the partnership between Australia and PNG.

Australia's dedication to infrastructure development in Papua New Guinea underscores its commitment to enhancing connectivity, stimulating economic growth, and improving the overall well-being of the people of PNG. Through these ongoing investments, Australia aims to forge a long-term partnership with PNG and contribute to the region's sustainable development.

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