Ramu Nickel project women landowners sign loan agreement

by PNG Business News - March 02, 2023

Photo: Ramu Nickel project women landowners receiving funding assistance from MRA

Women landowners of mining projects in the country, will be given more recognition in terms of business opportunities from mine derived benefits going forward, said Acting Managing Director of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), Jerry Garry. 

Mr Garry was speaking during the launching of the Ramu Nickel Project women landowners’ micro-credit scheme in Madang on February 23, 2023.

Mr Garry said that for far too long, women had been missing out on their share of benefits deriving from projects. He said in most cases, when menfolk receive benefits, they do not consider their women’s economic and development aspirations and needs resulting in poor quality of life for families. Mr Garry said women are the backbones of families, societies and that it is women who make us men, who we are and therefore must be given better opportunities.

The launching of the scheme coincided with the signing of the contract for the scheme, between the MRA, Mibank and the four women associations of Kurumbukari, Inland Pipeline, Maigari and the Basamuk. Another highlight of the event was the announcement of a seed capital funding of K490, 000.00. This fund will be parked with the Mibank Madang Branch where, the women will apply for small loans at affordable rates. The fund will be used as an equity support of 75% to each loan application, submitted by applicants, using the MiBank’s loan appraisal system.

The types of business activities these women may venture into will vary from project to project and can include street vending, trade stores, bakeries, small scale mining, fisheries, agribusinesses such as poultry and egg farms, piggery farms, growing of cash crops.

The scheme is a national government initiative under the Public Investment Program (PIP), aimed at economically empowering women landowners of selected mining projects, so that they can participate meaningfully in small business opportunities presented by their respective mining projects directly and indirectly. Given the current situation where many landowner women in mining communities are often overlooked by their menfolk in terms of wealth and resource distribution resulting in poor living standards, this project is intended to economically empower the women and strengthen their capacities to make sustainable improvements in their living qualities.

The women from Ramu project are the third group of mining project landowners in the country, to be involved in the scheme. The women associations of the Hidden Valley and Simberi projects, were the first and second associations respectively, to sign their contracts last year.

The women collectively expressed joy saying that this project would contribute immensely towards improving their livelihoods going forward. They thanked the National Government, MRA and other stakeholders involved.

Ramu Nickel Mine’s Community Affairs representative Albert Tombe, told the women that the scheme was a great sustainable project for them, as the mine would shut down one day, and that they had to rely on other means of supporting their families when that day comes.

MiBank’s Madang Branch Manager Solomon Singur told the women that they were lucky to have this opportunity which most small businesses in the country did not have when it came to applying for loans. He said small businesses did not normally have equity to put as collateral which in their case, the government had already made it available through the scheme.

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The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) will provide a division that will concentrate on what happens when a mine closes. One of the problems found in the industry, according to managing director Jerry Garry, is mine closure. “We are also looking to make sure that there is proper planning or sustainability beyond a mine closure,” he said. “When we close a mine, what else do we have for the people? Do we start growing coffee, cocoa trees to make sure there is economic sustainability beyond the mine? These are the real challenges that we need to address.” According to Garry, the mining industry is organized in such a way that it considers the whole mining life cycle. “In a normal mine life cycle, you would have exploration as the fountain of the business, then you have construction and development, operation of the mine and, eventually, closure,” he said. “These different aspects of the mining business are described in the organisations that are created. And under the MRA, we ensure that the country’s perspective is maintained through marketing and promotion of the mineral assets we have in the country.” Gary also mentioned the importance of exploration investment in the region. “There can never be any mining in the country (without exploration,” he said. “So it is a critical part of the business. We always say that without exploration, there is no money.”   Reference: The National (19 May 2021). “Authority looking at sustainable plans after mine closures”. 


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Stakeholder Support is Needed, Says MRA

The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) is happy with the conclusion of the recent Consultative Meeting in Wabag, as well as the landowners' demands that the Porgera mine be reopened as soon as feasible. The re-opening of the mine, according to MRA Managing Director Jerry Garry, is contingent on the conclusion of various agreements between Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited, the State, and Barrick Niugini Limited (BNL), which are presently being negotiated by the State Negotiation Team. The leaders of the Porgera mining project's 200 to 300 landowners who attended the conference expressed their wish to reopen the mines. According to the MRA, Kumul Minerals Holdings must apply for Registration of the Dealing and legal transfer of interests in Special Mining Lease 11 to BNL and a new project company with Mineral Resources Enga and Landowners at the conclusion of either the Shareholders Agreement or the Commencement Agreement. He added the Mining Minister's mining advisory committee will decide on the transfer to allow the new project business and its shareholders to manage the mine. Furthermore, Garry stated that several legislative criteria for the issuance of SML under the Mining Act 1992, which have been delayed by the Mining (Amendment) Act 2020, must be met concurrently with the commercial talks. MRA has established a set of minimal but important needs, and its staff will be on the ground to guarantee that all relevant consents and agreements are in place before the mine reopens. Garry further noted that the Mining Act of 1992 imposes conditions on the Development Forum that must be met before the Mining Minister requests position papers, attendance, and involvement for the agreement. He said: “Despite the informal acceptance of submission by several stakeholders, everyone will be formally called upon when the minimum requirements are satisfactorily met through the due processes.” In the next months, the Mineral Resources Authority and the State Team will work diligently to ensure that all minimal criteria are satisfied. The team will be implementing programs on-site in the Porgera mine region, and everyone is urged to participate in those activities that will help the mine reopen. “We are aware of the differences among landowners over leadership issues but their consent and support to the government process is required in the best interest of the project and the nation in our endeavour to re-open the mine. “And at the heights of securing a much better deal for landowners, local level government, the provincial government and the State.”    Reference: Loop PNG (14 July 2021). “MRA Calls For Stakeholder Support”.


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PNGEITI Praises MRA For Digital Platform

The PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has praised the Mineral Resources Authority's and mine operators' efforts in developing a digital platform that would give real-time mineral data from all of the country's main mines. According to Lucas Alkan, the National Secretary of the PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (PNGEITI). Live data, according to Mr. Alkan, will contain numbers reflecting production value, export value, and related information, which will be live-streamed from a data source of the respective mine operators. After engineers finish their work, he said, Ok Tedi Mine would be the first to stream live data to the MRA website for public access, and other mines will follow soon after. “The cooperation between the mine regulator and the extractive companies to make live data available for public viewing is an excellent undertaking to garner investor-public trust and confidence in the way the mining industry is regulated and progressing. PNGEITI highly commends these efforts,” Mr. Alkan said. Mr. Alkan stated that PNGEITI applauds the leadership of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) under managing director Jerry Garry since this initiative will complement and enhance EITI reporting in the country.   Reference: Poat-Courier (21 June 2022). “Live Mining Data, An Excellent Tool For Transparency”.

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Photo: Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua has recently stated that the Papua LNG project is critical in addressing some of the economic challenges that are currently faced in the country. He said about K75 billion will be generated over a 15 year period when the project is in progress. He added that the initial stages of the project has commenced with K500 million said to be inputted into PNGs foreign exchange capacity in 2023. During a press conference on Thursday the 9th of March, The Petroleum minister highlighted the progressive stages of the Papua LNG project and emphasized the importance and significance of the benefits that the project will provide. According to studies the project life is expected to operate over a 15 year period that will generate about K75 billion and significantly boost Papua New Guinea's struggling economy. "The K75 billion benefit is inclusive of what comes to the state directly as levies, to Kumul Petroleum, to the landowners as royalties and the provincial governments. All of us put together are going to be collecting and sharing that benefit in the next 15 to 20 years", Kua said.  Minister Kua said that studies for the Papua LNG project began in 2004 following the discovery by Interoil, the resource estimate is in the range of 6 trillion cubic feet of gas and 98 to 100 million barrels of condensive oil.  The benefit of this project is immense and a positive component is the national content which is expected to positively impact GDP, export earnings, forex, revenue to impacted levels of government, landowner benefits and Job opportunities.  Minister Kua said the project developer Total Energies will inject K500 million into the PNG economy in 2023. "The Papua LNG project is a project of national significance for Papua New Guinea and will stimulate business confidence and will provide a significant impetus for our economy", "The Marape-Rosso government places high priority on the delivery of the Papua LNG project, we have an improved deal for our people, and improved contribution for our national contractors and workforce. The government strongly supports the Papua LNG project and encourages all stakeholders including project partners to work diligently to deliver the project on time and on budget", Minister Kua said. Petroleum Secretary David Manau was also present at the conference, he highlighted that the petroleum department will work closely with impacted provincial governments and landowners as this is important in ensuring that all stakeholder grievances are discussed and addressed. In light of this, a development forum is expected in the third quarter of this year. Meanwhile, Kua also revealed a unique aspect of the upcoming project which will mitigate the project's carbon footprint and is set to make PNG in  becoming the first country in the Asia Pacific region and only the second on the world to re-inject carbon dioxide back into the well pad in a LNG project. He said the re-inspection of carbon dioxide into the well pad is a significant step towards reducing the project's carbon footprint and will help mitigate the environmental impact of the project and contribute to Papua New Guinea's efforts to combat climate change. The Papua LNG project is a joint venture between the PNG government, TotalEnergies and Exxon Mobil. It is one of the largest investments in the country's history and is expected to generate significant revenue for PNG's economy. Total Energies holds 40.1 percent interest in Papua LNG, along with its joint venture partners Exxon Mobil (37.1 percent) and Santos(22.8 percent). The Papua New Guinea government may exercise a back-in right of up to 22.5 percent interest at the Final Investment Decision (FDI) planned by end of 2023 to early 2024 and production will be scheduled for four years later.


PNG Business News - March 27, 2023

WanPNG: The Skills Development and Jobs Platform for the People of Papua New Guinea

Wan PNG is a platform and community dedicated to expanding opportunities for local Papua New Guineans. Its goal is to increase the development and sustainable employment of local PNG talent, so everyone in our great nation can share in newfound resources and growing prosperity. With the goal of empowering individuals and businesses with the skills and people they need to succeed in the 21st century world, the Wan PNG platform spans three core areas for job seekers: Employment opportunities: Gain experience with internships, start earning with entry positions, or upgrade your career with the next big job. Career advice: Advance your career with expert advice and professional resources, and stay up-to-date on the latest news. Education and training: Expand your employment prospects by upgrading your knowledge, skills, and competencies through courses. For employers it provides: Free access to upload jobs and find the best talent. Smart matching between jobs and candidates. Diversity promoting candidate suggestions reaching a wide pool of talent. The platform's primary objective is to promote lifelong learning and employment and simultaneously bridge the skills gap in Papua New Guinea by providing accessible training opportunities to all its citizens. WanPNG believes that by investing in the development of its people, Papua New Guinea can unlock its full potential and become a more prosperous nation. WanPNG is now available for job seekers and employers. Visit the website now at www.wanpng.com to learn more.


PNG Business News - March 27, 2023

St John Ambulance First Aid Training for Workplace

The St John ambulance service responded to over 21,000 emergencies across Papua New Guinea in 2022. In addition to being Papua New Guinea’s main emergency ambulance service, St John is the nation’s leading first aid training provider equipping thousands of workers with essential first aid skills and knowledge. With just one day of training, St John’s expert first aid trainers can equip your workers with the basic skills to handle all kinds of first aid emergencies. Workplace accidents and injuries are a common occurrence and it is essential for employers to have a competent workforce that can respond effectively to emergencies. St John’s workplace first aid courses ensure your workforce is equipped with the first aid training to assist a sick or injured person. It also helps organizations comply with legal requirements, reduce workplace injuries and fatalities and promote a culture of safety and preparedness. The Papua New Guinea St John Ambulance provides training routinely in Port Moresby and Lae, and can facilitate training at any location in PNG, which makes it easy for workers to gain or maintain their first aid qualifications. St John’s first aid trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, enabling them to contribute real-life experiences to the training environment. Each course, based on St John Ambulance Australia’s training resources, goesthrough rigorous appraisal by training and health specialists including St John’s Papua New Guinea’s medical expert advisory panel - made up of some of the industry’s leading physicians and health professionals, who ultimately endorse the clinical training content components of the first aid courses. St John CEO Matt Cannon said, “this rigorous appraisal process gives clients the confidence of St John’s commitment to delivering the highest quality in training content and delivery in Papua New Guinea.” Workplace first aid courses cover a broad range of topics, including basic life support, wound care, bandaging, splinting, CPR and using an AED. Participants learn how to identify and manage different medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, burns, fractures, and poisoning. Each training program is designed to be flexible and can be delivered on-site or at one of our training centres. If you want to ensure that your workplace is prepared to respond to emergencies, contact St John today to learn more about our workplace first aid training.

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