WIBF is an Opportunity to promote PNG as a Tourism Destination: Minister Maru

By: PNG Business News October 09, 2023

Hosting the World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF) in Port Moresby from October 24-26, 2023, is a wonderful opportunity to promote Papua New Guinea as a tourism destination, says the Minister for International Trade and Investment, Hon. Richard Maru. Minister Maru said this recently during the announcement by the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) to support the WIBF with the gold sponsorship of K250, 000.

“It is a clear objective of our Government to not only host the World Indigenous Business Forum but importantly use it as an opportunity to market our country as a tourism destination and as an investment destination, apart from our indigenous businesses mingling with their counterparts from all over the world to build partnerships and learn from the success of many very successful indigenous businesses worldwide,” said Minister Maru.

“There is so much negative news on the media about our country. This is really an opportunity for TPA to step up and market our country as a tourism destination and also as a destination for potential investors in the tourism sector to invest in things like casinos, hotels, and ferries, etc. This is really a wonderful opportunity; this is in fact the biggest opportunity after APEC 2018 to really promote Papua New Guinea and put PNG on the world stage,” said Minister Maru.

Minister Maru said TPA’s support was an investment that would pay dividends for many years to come.

“This is an opportunity to promote tourism in a big way, so we are really excited about your sponsorship. With this sponsorship, TPA will be given the opportunity to be one of the three PNG guest speakers at the World Indigenous Business Forum where TPA can really market PNG’s tourism sector in a big way. It also gives them a chance to have a booth where TPA can use to promote our country,” said Minister Maru.

Minister Maru said over 400 international guests were expected to attend the forum both as delegates and as speakers, and international media were also expected to come.

“We also understand that many of the foreign delegates who will be coming are CEOs of their own companies and one thing we want to do is to attract them to stay for another week or two or go back and bring their families for a holiday in Papua New Guinea,” said Minister Maru.

Minister Maru also announced that there was a grand opening ceremony being planned.

“I am excited to announce that we are planning a grand welcome ceremony with NCDC and the Amazing Port Moresby team where all our own delegates and the foreign delegates and their families will be welcomed at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium with a big cultural show where the 22 provinces will welcome them. This will be followed by the 2-day event and on the evenings of these two days including the closing ceremony we will still be promoting PNG culture and PNG as a tourism destination,” said Minister Maru.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard thanked Minister Maru and the WIBF Secretariat for the opportunity to participate in the WIBF.

“When we talk about tourism in Papua New Guinea, our product is the country. You are bringing the world to the country, and it is a great honor for TPA to participate in the World Indigenous Business Forum as this is an opportunity that we will showcase the opportunity that we have not only as a destination but also as a place where you can invest in tourism industry; the potential is right here. PNG is one of the last frontiers of the world that needs to be discovered, so we need this platform where we can participate to make that awareness,” said Hon. Leonard.

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