iPi Catering: Seven decades of quality brewing

By: PNG Business News May 17, 2022

Renowned as Papua New Guinea’s most iconic beer brand-SP Lager has indeed been uniting Papua New Guineans since 1952.

With South Pacific Brewery celebrating SP Lager’s 70th anniversary this year, iPi Catering is beyond honoured and elated to be part of this monumental journey.

South Pacific Brewery has long been a highly valued partner of iPi Catering and the company is nothing less than delighted in and with their decade long business partnership.

iPi Catering Limited’s General Manager, Peter Long, reflected on this remarkable milestone and said, “our friendship with SP Brewery humbly began over our mutual attendance at Sunday footy in Lae and from there, iPi Catering began catering for the good and decent people at the Lae Brewery; a time later, this included the Port Moresby Brewery.”

As the South Pacific Brewery’s operations thrived, so too did iPi Catering grow in conjunction with the Brewery.

 iPi Catering shares similar sentiments with SP Brewery’s commitment of respect for diversity in people, gender equity and, from a business lean, delivering the very best of product and service.

Across the first decade of thier partnership with the SP Brewery, they soundly maintained food safety and quality accordingly; this whilst remaining focus on a continuous innovative approach to ensure top tier service delivery. This was especially seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hand in hand with the SP Brewery, iPi Catering responded and adapted proactively to the ‘new normal’ by reconfiguring the interior dining facility and opened the POM Brew Kettle as a secondary dining outlet to ensure social distancing for the SP Brewery staff.

In addition, they were more than happy to comply with COVID-19 rules and regulations where their staff in Lae and Port Moresby were the first caterers to be 100 per cent vaccinated in light of the vaccine rollout in Papua New Guinea.

At the heart of this milestone, their skilled and dedicated team has always focused on providing nutritious and delicious meals for the SP Brewery staff knowing that it is vital towards achieving employee productivity, boosting employee morale, maintaining employee focus whilst on duty, promoting healthy eating habits, reduced facility down time and an increased bottom line.

“We are immensely grateful that SP Brewery continues to put their trust in us in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Congratulations SP Lager on seven decades of quality brewing,” said Mr Long.

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