Domestic Tourism Should Be Pushed Today, Says Leonard

By: PNG Business News September 24, 2021

Photo credit: Travel Triangle

Domestic tourism should be pushed today, argued Tourist, Arts and Culture Minister Isi Henry Leonard, since the tourism industry is being impacted by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

“The Covid-19 has awakened us to realise our full potential,” he said.

“The answer is in culture and domestic tourism. We have to realign and re-strategise to get tourism up and going.

“You don’t need to look outside for answers.

“You need to look inside to address this global situation.

“Culture is the product to boost the tourism industry that is largely affected by the pandemic.

“Anywhere there is a cultural event, we support it. I promote the culture of this country.”

Chief executive officer of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Eric Mossman Uvovo, said measures were in the works to promote domestic tourism.

Locals and expats alike were interested in domestic airports and flights, he added. Packages with airlines have been promoted.


Reference: The National (22 September 2021). ‘Encourage local tourism’

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