By: PNG Business News November 11, 2021

Photo Credit: PNG Buzz / Papua New Guinea's State Enterprises Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel (left), Prime Minister James Marape (centre) and the chairman of Fortescue Metals Group of Australia, Andrew Forrest, sign an agreement in Port Moresby back in September 2020.

PRIME Minister Hon. James Marape, MP says Papua New Guinea’s partnership with Dr. Andrew Forrest and his company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is bigger than just hydro in Purari River and will encompass a huge set of projects worth billions of kina that must be appreciated and guarded by Papua New Guineans.

He says the Fortescue Metals Group – through its subsidiary FFI – is seriously moving into futuristic clean energy and its scope is broader than just the Purari River systems but covering also Kikori and Strickland systems, and the geothermal sites throughout Papua New Guinea beginning in West New Britain Province.

“I have met Dr. Forrest on a number of occasions and his interest in green clean energy in PNG is sincere and serious. Through his futuristic green energy subsidiary company, FFI is looking at harvesting up to 25 gigawatts of power for clean energy to sell to the world from our country, including migrating some of FMG industries into PNG. These are huge projects worth billions of kina.

“I am utterly disappointed in Post-Courier’s misreporting and misrepresentation today. This is a newspaper company with nearly 30 percent of Papua New Guinean shareholding interest who continue to misreport, belittle and tarnish the work the Papua New Guinea government is doing no matter how big or small. For the journalist to always find negativity in innovation shows a shallow mind when the world is at this point moving into clean energy and new frontiers of technology.

“I am a prime minister who is very excited about taking our country into new frontiers and breaking barriers that others think we as a country cannot do. This includes clean green energy, Information & Communication Technology, digital and cyberspace, the downstream of our raw resources in gold, gas, timber, fisheries, agriculture and so forth.

“This direction is new and might seem impossible to some. This direction will affect the comfort many are used to and may have enjoyed during the status quo, but I will not be deterred from this course. The world will move in this direction in as far as energy is concerned, and Papua New Guinea is partnering FFI to pioneer this very source as part of our global response to climate change. 

“If we do not join, we will be left behind when countries of the world move away from carbon-based energy solutions and into green energy.

“All or any company with proposals to do business in PNG are welcomed and can come in with their proposals. We can agree but due processes on compliance to all our laws on investments, regulations and national interests must first of all take place. 

"We will process all submissions, like the one from Botswa from Botswana, whom we are awaiting to return to us to advance their business interest in PNG.

“The natural resources in PNG are plentiful, including those in the green energy space. Hydro and water resources abound in this country; we can fit any investor in any part of the country who wants to use our rivers and springs so and there is no clash or collision as alluded to by the Post-Courier.

“The government has the interest of its people first and foremost and will do everything it sees fit to make sure these large-scale investments are done properly and fully,” said Prime Minister Marape.


Article courtesy of Department of PM&NEC

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