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Update Details, Get New ID, Benefit from Nasfund MDP

Contributors to National Superannuation Fund, Nasfund, are reminded to update their membership details to ensure important information such as member contact details, address, and more importantly, member beneficiaries are included and are current.

Nasfund Chief Officer Member Services Anne Wilson made this call when outlining the Fund’s Member Service engagements for this year.

Nasfund intends to increase our engagement with our members throughout the country, through shopfloor presentations within covid-19 safety protocols, and online via Zoom. This will be done regularly to update our members on what the Fund is doing to add value to your membership.

The updating of member details and the need for a Nasfund ID card will be at the forefront of our engagements in the coming months.

Member Detail Update Exercise + Nasfund ID

With the Fund now increasing electronic and physical engagements with members this year, there will be a focus on getting members to update their details – via the Member Detail Update Form (MDUF).

The form can be downloaded on the Fund’s website via the following link: https://nasfund.com.pg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Member-Details-Update-Form.pdf

Members who update their details are also encouraged to get a new-look Nasfund ID card.

In addition to being an official Nasfund member ID card, the Nasfund ID can also be used by our members to save money through the Fund’s Membership Discount Program.

This is our way of adding value to our members while they remain in active employment.

Member Detail Update Exercise & Nasfund ID

Although superannuation is primarily for retirement, we recognize that our members need value for their membership in active employment.

We are improving our Membership Discount Program so that our members can save that extra Kina now, wherever they are. Our MDP offering is across the retail, wholesale, hardware, transport, tourism & hospitality, and medical sectors. In essence, we are taking care of our members now, so that they are ready for tomorrow (retirement).

All you need to do to utilize our MDP is to present your Nasfund Membership ID Card to our MDP providers.

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