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Telikom Internet Rates Slashed by 80 Percent

Minister for Information Technology Innovation and Energy, Renbo Paita with Telikom CEO, Xavier Victor at the ‘new rates’ launching. PHOTO CREDIT: Telikom PNG

Telikom PNG has reduced its internet rates by 80 percent making internet in the country affordable and cheaper.

The massive rates reduction exercise described by the Minister for Information Technology Innovation and Energy Renbo Paita, as a landmark moment for telecommunications sector, was officially launched on the 3rd of July.

Minister Paita says the rate reduction will facilitate “higher and more efficient communication among the citizens.”

Internet users were excited and customers flocked in numbers at Telikom outlets to enjoy the reduced rates. The price drop boosted sales in the first 48 hours after the announcement.

Telikom Marketing Manager Silas Matoli says ‘aggressive marketing and sales campaign’ is the key to getting into the market and to mitigate the losses as a result of the reduced data rates rollout in the country.

Minister Paita said at the launch while the new price change was sacrificing for the current short-term, the longer-term gain was in sight and would pan out as it takes hold in the market place.

The growth in demand was anticipated before the launch, upgrades have been carried out and Telikom PNG has plans to manage the demand. The Network’s Upstream capacity is looked after my PNG Dataco. The Transmission capacity lies with Telikom PNG.

  • There are about 6 Gigabits/Sec of Traffic between POM-MAD on HCN; 4 Gigabits is used meanwhile 2 Gigabits/Sec is available to cater for the growth in customer.

  • The POM-HGN-MAD Link has 3 Gigabits/Sec Traffic.

  • POM-LAE-MAD Link has also 3 Gigabits/Sec.

There are plans to purchase more capacity (Gigabits) from the Submarine Cable once it becomes operational.

Telikom is also working with PNG Dataco to do upgrades to Satellite Links to New Guinea Islands and the Highlands Region.

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