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PNG PM Marape discourages Aid but wants more trade from Australia and New Zealand

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape says he is not encouraging more aid from Australia and New Zealand. Marape instead said he requested the two countries to engage more Papua New Guineans in employment and increase their intake from PNG's exports of its agricultural produce. Australia is PNG's biggest aid donor since Independence. Marape boldly told reporters upon his return from New Zealand this week that time for aid is finish and he will not ask. But, he said if they wish to provide at their own will than that's fine with PNG. James Marape said this was part of his discussions when he met with the leaders of Australia and New Zealand recently. ''Why am reconfiguring relationship with Australia and PNG is just not to go and ask them for aid. "I told Australia when I was down there, am not going to ask for aid don't give me aid, you give me employment and you buy my produce, that's what I am here to tell you, am not going to ask for more aid now time for aid is finish. "I will stand on my own two feet and do business. "You employee my Papua New Guineans who wish to work in your economy and you buy my produce just like I will employee yours and buy your product if need be so that's the way we are. "So we are shifting that in future, no more asking for aid, but if they want to give we will not refuse but we will not ask. "We will talk about trade and talk about employment as we relate with them going into the future, Marape stressed.

Source: https://news.pngfacts.com/2020/02/png-pm-marape-discourages-aid-but-wants.html

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