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First of its kind Oceans Policy

A first of its kind National Oceans Policy of Papua New Guinea 2020-2030 was launched on Thursday 9th of July by the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

This policy provides a framework for the different aspects of the ocean.

Department of Justice and Attorney General Secretary, Dr. Eric Kwa, says this policy will provide a roadmap to guide specific policies in the different aspects of the ocean.

“This policy is quite different from other national policies because the management of the ocean and its resources is diverse. You can’t really have a single policy that deals with everything. For example, fisheries, building a harbour, reclaiming land, looking after coastal communities, emergence of an island, how to claim an island, there are so many aspects of the ocean”, said Dr. Kwa.

He said under this framework, the different stakeholders will develop specific key action areas on how to protect, use and sustainably manage those aspects of the ocean.

“This will help the National Fisheries Authority in issuing fishing licenses. What does it say about conservation? If they are issuing fishing licenses, what does it say about protecting our fish?

“This policy will now be considered by the Mineral Resources Authority and the Mining Department. When they are issuing exploration licenses over the coastal waters, this policy will give a guide. What are the limits, what are the conditions that this exploration license must take into account”, continued Dr. Kwa.

He added that the National Forestry Authority will also look at this policy for guidance in giving logging permits to logging companies on where the companies will put their logging points and take out logs on the sea. 

Dr. Kwa said the Maritime Zone Act of 2015 complements this policy.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General, Davis Steven acknowledged the hard work of those civil servants in the different agencies for putting this policy together.

Source: http://www.looppng.com/png-news/first-its-kind-oceans-policy-93419

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