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Excellence in Rapid Modular Builds: The ‘Perfect Flat Pack’

Ark Pacific is celebrating 10+ years of delivering all kinds of fit-for-purpose modular buildings throughout Papua New Guinea. Specialising in camp accommodation and office complexes for the resource sector, the company has a reputation for successfully delivering their projects no matter how challenging the building scope or remote the location.

Ark’s modular building systems have gained considerable traction across PNG since they were first introduced during the LNG construction phase for a 1,000 man multi-storey accommodation complex and associated support buildings. Numerous and diverse Ark buildings can also be found on the gold mining island of Lihir where Ark has been successfully delivering projects for their client for four years. Currently, Ark Pacific is part way through the delivery of a new two-storey camp on Lihir to accommodate 750 personnel.

Although Ark has two distinct modular building systems – Flat Pack and Solid System (‘Ready Box’) –it is their innovative flat pack system that is primarily driving Ark’s success. Ark’s flat pack buildings are quicker to install than any others available in PNG – taking a minimal workforce hours per unit not days. The rapid assembly speed minimises construction time and therefore drives down overall project cost.

Importantly, unskilled labour forces are also able to be quickly trained in Ark Pacific flat pack assembly. The company is experienced at partnering with landowners on construction projects and capacity building their local workforces. Furthermore, clients can choose their own installation team or have Ark Pacific organise this for them.

It is not just assembly speed and the ease at which local workforces can be utilised in their construction projects that makes Ark’s the ‘perfect flat pack for PNG’. Another key advantage of the company’s flat packs relates to transport; with six flat pack units taking up the same space as a standard 20 foot shipping container. The flat packs have been specifically designed for ease of transport which means they require much less shipping space and fewer trucks to transport them in comparison to competing products, resulting in lower freight costs plus a reduced freight footprint.

In addition to the construction and freight savings enjoyed by Ark Pacific clients is the peace of mind that comes with the company’s quality control, after sales service and warranty. Ark Pacific’s building systems are characterised by high-tech modular componentry built to PNG, Australian and New Zealand standards and Ark managers are available to oversee all projects. The company believes that it must be doing something right because its customers keep coming back.

To learn more about Ark Pacific, including its ‘perfect flat pack system’: www.arkpacific.net

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